Monday, March 23, 2015

Someone Help Me?

Sooooo since I first started publishing stuff, I've been slowly getting better at making my books better and doing more social media stuff (like starting this blog, getting on Twitter and creating a FB account).  My covers have gotten all pretty, I have beta readers, the editing has gotten better and I'm about to start having audio books.

The one thing that I do not have, that I really want, is a website.  I've kind of tried to start one using the free website that gmail offers, but I failed at it pretty quickly.  I'm pretty terrible at technology things.  I thought about trying to go to one of those sites that helps you build one (even though the google website thing that I tried was supposed to do that), but then I thought to myself - all of my best advances have come from my readers.  Either someone who offers to help or someone who knows someone or passes... so why not ask you guys if anyone knows anything about building a website and can help a girl out.  Also, if the same person could help me figure out how to do pretty newsletter emails, that'd be awesome.  I think I've found a resource that could help me find someone who could do a website design and stuff, but if I have the option, I'd rather go with someone who already knows my work and is a fan.  RaineyCloud, who did my covers, was just starting out with her graphic design work and since I'm an independent author, I really enjoyed working with someone else who was building herself up and who loves my books, because I really felt like that made its way into the covers.

You can contact me at and hopefully work out some kind of contract/deal/(i don't know what it would be called) for either creation or creation and upkeep... I don't need anything fancy, just a place that shows off my books, has links to my fb, twitter and this blog, and a place to sign up for a newsletter.  And then help with how to put together a pretty newsletter (I can provide examples for both website and newsletters of what I'm thinking).

So yeah... this is my plea for help because I suck at technology at could use someone who knows what they're doing.


  1. I am just okay at technology stuff, but this past year, I used Weebly to help both a family member and a family friend create websites. It's pretty cool, you should check it out. They have a bunch of premade templates that you can modify them to customize for your purposes. There were also free analytics available too.

    1. I've had a couple of people get in touch with me over email, but if nothing pans out then I'll def check out Weebly, thanks!

  2. *waves* I'll shoot you an email when I've got a moment to think. My website isn't a website at all, I built it on a Wordpress blog (super easy to do), and I've collected referrals to web designers and programs. And I'm just starting out with the newsletter thing myself, so we can learn together!