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Chapter 6, Cruising & Venus Teaser!

So at the moment it looks like I'm still on schedule for my vacation - thank goodness! - despite Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully things will remain that way! In which case, I'll be leaving tomorrow and be gone for a week.  I may get some writing done while I'm gone... I may not. Unfortunately I did not finish Chapter 7 of Being the Maid in time to submit it before leaving (and I 99% sure I won't have time to today) but Chapter 6 is now available on Literotica! I'm already getting comments about the 'twist' with Garrett... and so far no complaints that Bridget spent the night with Patrick so that's good!

Since I'm going to be gone for a week I figured I'd also leave you with a new Venus Desiring teaser. Enjoy!:

Walking into the main part of Stronghold was incredibly scary. This visit was already so different from the first time Hilary had been here.  Although at least she'd had Jessica with her for the first part of this evening.  The last time they'd been here they'd skipped a few steps, since Hilary wasn't getting more than a tour and Justin and Chris were already in the process of setting up a membership for Jessica.  Now Jessica was signing the papers for her membership, as well as reading through the Club Rules and signing a copy of those. Hilary was only signing the latter.  Both of them had their medical records ready to go too, showing them to be completely clean. 

Patrick, the owner, was somehow both comforting and scary as he walked them through the Club Rules, explaining wherever they had questions - or just where he thought a point needed to be driven home. Never interrupt anyone else's scene. Show all Doms respect. Don't do anything you weren't comfortable with. He explained how there were Dungeon Monitors on hand to take care of any problems, and many of them were friends with Justin and Chris whom they'd already met, so they should never try to stop a problem on their own but go find one of the Dungeon Monitors, who would be wearing a black vest with an orange border to identify them.  

Stronghold's Club safeword was Red and if they yelled it then the DMs would be there in a heartbeat. There were always two DMs upstairs patrolling the hallway, although of course they should never go up to a private room with someone they didn't trust, and they could always come to Patrick to vouch for anyone who wanted to take them up there. This was said with a wink at Jessica, who had already been up in one of those rooms.

She really hadn’t had any questions to ask, other than wanting to know what the Introduction Scene would include and what she would have to do for it.  Fortunately Patrick set her right at ease, explaining that she wouldn’t be touched any more than she wanted to be. Sex was not a requirement.  Neither was complete nudity for that part. But she wanted as much of the full experience as she could get. Not sex but… something.  Otherwise how could she really know if this was what she wanted?

Still, sex - or even foreplay - with a stranger wasn’t really her thing.  When she expressed her hesitations over that, Patrick reassured her that she would have at least met the person who’d be in charge of her scene and that if she didn’t feel comfortable going through with the scene this evening then she could always just spend some time talking with him and getting to know him and come back later for the Introduction Scene.  He also offered to assign Olivia to do her introduction scene, but she wasn’t comfortable with that either.  At the very least she needed to feel attracted to whomever she was with for it to be a real experiment and she’d be much more attracted to one of the very attractive men that she’d met here than to Olivia. 

Patrick also reassured her that she would be in one of the private rooms tonight. 

Personally Hilary liked the idea of the private rooms a lot better than the more public spaces, especially since it was possible to pull the shades on the windows upstairs if you wanted true privacy. Although, of course people would still be able to hear them, but that was a good thing since the DMs were listening too. She wished they'd gotten this briefing last time, she would have known to yell Red when that Dom, Nathan, was trying to push her into coming with him. But no one knew that she would need this kind of information last time since she'd already known she wasn't going to play.

Of course those thoughts brought her right back around to Liam. Hilary glanced around the club, only to realize that not only was Liam there, but they were headed right for the group of men he was standing with.

Her stomach seemed to tumble over itself as she nearly stumbled on her high heels. Jessica reached out and squeezed her hand with encouragement, but it couldn't do anything to stop the rapid fire beating of her heart as her pulse accelerated. Patrick had explained that Hilary would have an Introduction Scene tonight with a Dom that he trusted not to overwhelm her with the more (to her) frightening part of BDSM. She'd been so anxious that she hadn't really thought through the fact that she'd met a lot of the Doms that were Patrick's closest friends last week and that of course he'd choose one of them to introduce her to the scene. No wonder he’d grinned when he’d reassured her.

Liam. He'd chosen Liam. Deep down in the pit of her churning stomach she knew that he'd chosen Liam. Did Patrick know? Had he watched her orgasm in Liam's arms on the dance floor? She hoped not. God she hoped not. But either way, she knew, with her deepest gut instinct, that he'd chosen Liam to initiate her. Because that was just how her life worked.

Although Liam wasn't the only one watching at the approaching girls.  Of course Justin and Chris' eyes were on Jessica.  The bartender that she'd met last week, Andrew, and their friend Rick were also with them.  Only Liam's gaze never strayed from her and her face heated to a bright red as he practically caressed her body with one lingering look. 

She was back in pink. Olivia had taken her shopping again and had really enjoyed helping Hilary put together an entirely hot pink outfit.  Pink bustier with racing stripes that pushed up her breasts and showed about an inch of stomach between it and the pink latex skirt she was wearing. No bra necessary although she had a hot pink thong on underneath the tight skirt. The skirt laced up the sides to the waistband, showing off about an inch-width of her legs from the hem to the top of the skirt. Her shoes were pink too. 

Hilary liked pink. She liked standing out in a room full of people wearing mostly darker colors. Pink was cheerful. It made her feel pretty and feminine. 

Now she was wishing that she'd worn red or black or anything that would make her feel brave and not like a frothy dessert that was being offered up to a predator. Something like the dark red corset and black skin tight shorts that Jessica was wearing. Something that was sexy and strong. Too late now.  Also too late to turn and run. Did she even want to run? She wasn't sure. But that was kind of the point of being here, to find out and be sure. So no running. 

But she still dropped her eyes from meeting Liam's steely scrutiny.  It was too much. The worst part was, out of the group that was here, she was the most attracted to Liam.  He was the one she would probably choose to start with, if she had a choice. Well, if she was able to give up her pride and admit it, after his patronizing dismissal at Adam's party. On the other hand, how great would it be if he had to give her an introductory scene so soon after telling her that she wasn't ready for this? 

As soon as they reached the group, Jessica was swept away by Chris and Justin. Hilary looked wistfully after her friend, who glanced over her shoulder and gave Hilary an encouraging thumbs up.  Truth be told, she would have preferred a chaperone for the rest of the evening. But it wouldn't be fair to deny the trio their time together in the club just because she was feeling like a hot pink cream puff. Her anxiety was combined with anticipation.  Liam looked hot.  He was wearing leather pants and a white button down shirt that was hanging open to show off his muscles, it looked casual and wonderfully sexy and she wanted to run her hands over all that smooth skin and the thatch of hair in the center of his chest. Remembering the feel of his hands on her, the way his thigh had felt between her legs, wasn't helping her nerves at all. The other Doms were all good looking men but she couldn't take her focus off of Liam. It was like he was a magnet and she was just a little wayward piece of metal, slowly being dragged closer and closer.

She felt incredibly vulnerable and confused.

"Hilary," Patrick said gently, in that wonderfully comforting voice of his.  Such a strangely soothing voice for a rather intimidating man. "I know you two have already met so no introductions needed; I'm going to leave you in Liam's capable hands for the evening." Putting his hand in the small of her back he pushed her forward and she looked up at him feeling slightly panicked now that this was actually happening.  Now that he'd confirmed she was going to be at Liam's mercy. The anticipatory gleam in Liam's eyes didn't make her feel any better. 

I want this, she reminded her self. I want to know. I need to know.

"Come here honey-girl," Liam said with a caress in his voice, holding up one hand, palm facing upwards. That authoritative voice called to her, even though he was a smaller man than Patrick his voice was actually deeper, and she found herself stepping forward and putting her hand in his without thinking. His fingers closed around hers and she realized what she had just done. Feeling trapped she started to try to pull away, but Liam tightened his grip on hers. "Look at me."

Their eyes met and she was caught. He really did have the most incredible eyes; molten silver and burning hot, the same heat and desire that she'd seen the last time she'd been here, all the way until he'd taken her off of the dance floor and back to the bar.  She wanted to tell him not to look at her like that but she couldn't find her voice, couldn't pull away; all she could do was stare up at him, wide-eyed and waiting.

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