Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Hump Hump

Except not. I'm too tired. Insomnia what?

Hubby hit on the novel idea of trying to get me to go to bed earlier by jumping on me. Which worked. I just wish he'd done it at 11 or midnight instead of 1am LOL. Could've gotten to bed even sooner!


I just submitted Being the Maid Ch. 3.  This was an interesting chapter to write. The characters got away from me again. It's not as long as the previous two chapters partly because it's a chapter that was never supposed to happen. *sigh* Which happens sometimes and makes the stories even better in the end but it's just annoying sometimes when you have something all planned out and then other people - who don't even actually exist - come in and muck it all up!  Esp since they don't actually exist.

Needless to say, Garrett had more trouble keeping his hands off of Bridget than I originally expected. And, perhaps not unsurprisingly, Princess Eleanor demanded more of a role in the storyline. I hadn't originally planned on doing anything from her point of view. Bitch just butted in.  Although, she is quite fascinating. I think this chapter definitely bring something new and interesting to the storyline. I just hadn't expected it. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Non-consent story and the characters are raping my plot-line!

Well not really. Just adding to it. I guess. Except that Garrett was supposed to have more self control. He keeps trying to rush the storyline.

It's kind of fascinating for me to write from this angle. Normally romances are all tension, tension, tension, seduction, teasing, tantalizing and then finally you get to the hot sex.  This is completely different. Lots of sex, from all angles and various men, and the tension (at least I hope there's some tension) is all about where the characters are going to go emotionally and what's going to happen to them. Complete opposite from a lot of the stories I've been writing.

I've also been getting a lot of seriously fascinating  reader requests lately... I will, of course, do my utmost to fulfill them. I've just got a lot going on in my own life, in addition to the fact that I may soon be on a rather tighter writing schedule for non-Literotica stuff soon... A publisher has expressed interest and I'm really super hopeful, but it would mean that the books I write need to come out on a pretty fast time frame, because that's what they want. So I'd be spending a lot more time writing the books. But they've expressed interest in the Venus series and that would be pretty awesome if it actually came out in print. So we'll see!

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