Monday, October 8, 2012


Well I managed to be rather productive today, despite being under the weather. Ugh. Major sore throat. Not a fan. I've had so much tea today that I feel like I'm going to float away. Lots of honey too. Hopefully I'll get a really good night's sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

At any rate. I completed Being the Maid Chapter 4, although it is a shorter chapter than the previous ones. This is in part because of the fact that Chapter 3 ended up being a surprise chapter. So hopefully Chapter 4 will be out on Literotica in the next couple of days and I'll be able to get Chapter 5 done pretty quickly. Chapter 4 is Samuel's evening with Bridget. He was a rather fascinating character. This is a more traditional non-consent chapter, so it'll be interesting to see its reception by readers. There is, of course, a little bit of Garrett. And it ends with the Princess again.  I'm sure this will garner her even more fans... hahaha *sarcasm font* lol. It's fun writing from her point of view, I have to admit. She's just such a wonderful bitch character.

I also did a little bit more work on the stand-alone reader request piece that I mentioned before. I think I'm going to title it Pledging. It's actually a combination of two reader requests. I had one request for a story of a black woman dominating a white woman and both of them loving it and I had a request for for a story of girl-on-girl dominance / pussy torture / reluctance.  The two seemed to make a good combination and I came up with a sorority pledge story. Granted, I never rushed, so it's entirely a fabrication of some of the craziest hazing stories ever, but it's still fun to write. Sometimes I really do enjoy getting rather brutal, much more brutal than I would ever enjoy in real life. It's actually one of the few ways I enjoy writing girl on girl stories, is if they have an element of dominance / debauched innocence about them.


Well, frankly, I think vaginas are gross. LOL. I know, weird right? But true. As often as I write lots of complimentary words about them and make them sexy, IRL I think they're super gross and ugly. I could totally be bisexual if it wasn't for vaginas. The wet thing grosses me out... the spongy texture grosses me out... I don't want to touch my own, much less someone else's. So girl on girl stuff can be difficult for me to write. Actually, any female-receiving oral sex scenes aren't that easy for me to write because it's something else that I think is kind of gross. I enjoy it somewhat as foreplay, but if I think too much about what's going on it becomes a turn-off.

Not what you'd expect from a Literotica writer, right? Hilary has a lot of my viewpoints on this in Venus Desiring which has been fun. I worked on that a bit today too. Tomorrow I'll post a new teaser for it =)


  1. Wow... totally an unexpected blog from you. As a guy, as long as everything is clean... I LOVE eating my partner out. Probably one of my favorit things to do. Heck, I'd love to have a girl tied and spread wide open and eat her untill she passes out from sheer exhaustion and pleasure. But I'm kinky like that. :P

    1. Haha I know... I'm an odd duck. You should see the looks I get when I tell other girls that I prefer giving oral to receiving LOL. And no... the problem is not with the guys I've been with. It's just a perception thing. I can be enjoying the physical sensation and still be kinda grossed out by it LOL