Sunday, September 15, 2013

Interview Me!

So I was on Smashwords recently, which is another place that I make some of my books available for sale, and it gave me one of those little notices about "finishing" my profile.  Which apparently includes an interview.  I was like, I should get someone to interview me? 

Then I thought, hey, I guess that's not a bad idea.  I do try to make myself pretty available for answering questions, but that's not quite the same as inviting questions.  So I'm going to invite questions from all of you, and then I'll pick some of them (or maybe even all of them) and post them on Smashwords as my interview.

I will answer ALL of them in a blog.  

Sooooo... if you have a question that you've always wanted to ask or one that you're just thinking of now, or even one that you already know the answer to but think would be a good interview question... please send it to me!  I'll be collecting the questions this entire week, September 16 - September 20, and then I'll post a blog over the weekend with the answers.  Whether or not I put all of them on Smashwords will depend on how many questions I get.

There are multiple ways you can submit a question for the 'interview' - you can leave a comment on this blog, you can e-mail me at or you can use the "blogger contact form" which is over on the left sidebar of this blog.

Thank you all very much for your help!


  1. Starter (obvious) questions:
    - What inspired you to start writing?
    - What came first, the kinky real life or fictional?
    - Is there anything you've tried in real life that you'd never write about, and vice versa?
    - Do you ever get fed up of writing about sex? (Let's hope not!)
    - Your pet hates/loves?
    - What does the future hold?

    1. Ooo lots of good ones! Awesome, thank you =)

    2. Can you clarify on "pet hates/loves"?

    3. Think Anon below covers it for me. :)

      Didn't you write something recently about where you get your character inspiration from?
      Conversely, do your friends know about your writing life, and do they buy your books?

      Do you ever suffer from writer's block?
      (I'm quite envious of how much you're able to write as mine is more fits-and-starts method.)

      Do you ever write something you really enjoy and no one else seems to?

      (Sorry about the last me-centric question, still musing over this short cycling story I wrote which quite amused me, but I've had no feedback on it apart from the comment I tweeted about the female being 'far too sex crazed'. Is that really a bad thing? No comments on the copious mistakes and bad grammar, or annoying cyclists, just that. /endofrant )

      P.S. regarding the print q from Sir_Nick, have you ever looked into offering a print-on-demand option?

    4. I checked out the story - I think by far too sex crazed was probably just how MUCH sex was on her mind before they started doing anything, it ended up being more distracting than enticing but at the same time I found it pretty realistic...

      I would guess the reason for lack of comments is the category... I noticed that Erotic Couplings rarely get comments unless people are complaining about something LOL

  2. How about Your pet peeves in writting/from fans, things you love in your writting/in writting in general/ from fans?

    PS: those questions were not mine, I just liked them and expanded ;)


  3. What kind of music do you listen to when writing (is it different depending on the kind of scene or maybe you don't listen at all)?
    Who do you read (erotic and otherwise)?
    What advice would you have for young writers?

    Not as fun maybe, but interesting to me.


  4. Do you have any long term writing goals? Like a hard cover book or is this just a hobby, a way to vent out all your thoughts. Don't get me wrong I love your kindle books (main reason I bought a Fire) just wondering if your are dreaming of MORE?