Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Writing

So... the good news: I submitted Chapter 15 of Marriage Training to Literotica on Friday =)  YAY!  That should (hopefully) be out sometime next week.  The Earl is finally getting involved in Vivian's training... and I have to say it's kind of really hot.  I enjoyed that chapter VERY much.

The thing is, that also means that we're getting to the end of the story for Lit!  I have mentioned before, I will be making this into a book for Amazon, it's going to be part of another Victorian series.  I have some of the extra material already written (there's going to be a secondary story line between Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe, as well as interactions between Vivian and the other students and Gabriel and his family, plus several extra chapters at the end which will have to do with the Society of Sin - which is what the series will be based around.) but I'm going to have more to write afterwards, so I'm guessing that the book version will be out sometime over the winter.  Probably after Seduction by Spanking, the third Domestic Discipline book.

Now I'm starting to think about what I might write next, after Marriage Training

I've got a lot of focus going into Stronghold, but I definitely think I'll want to do another series for Literotica, but I really want to write something a lot darker than what I've been working on.  Marriage Training  was originally supposed to be quite a bit darker and rougher than what it ended up being, because (as usual) I was swayed by reader comments and the characters themselves.  But it means that a lot of the storylines that I've been coming up with while writing it have been MUCH rougher and darker.

Right now I'm kinda deciding between two... one is another Victorian era series.  I got a reader request for a historical, Victorian era story in the Incest/Taboo category and I ended up coming up with several ideas for something along those lines.  That one would be dark but probably a lot less rough than the other series idea I've come up with, which would (probably) be a modern-day piece, two people kidnapped and ending up as some kind of powerful man's sex slaves for whatever time period that he decides to keep them for.

Eventually I'll definitely end up writing both stories, because they're both calling to me, it's just a matter of what will come first.

This weekend I'm trying to get some more on Stronghold done as well as a little bit more work on a standalone that I've been working on here and there when I need a break from the other stuff.  Although, of course, because I'm me that's not all I'm doing... spent all yesterday at the Renaissance Fair (whoo-hoo!) and spent a good portion of the day today being a good little domestic goddess and making things all nice for when hubby gets home. 

I also broke out some nen-wa balls to play with (I think they were supposed to be the same thing is ben-wa balls) because I was thinking of writing a review for them, but I'm going to have to try them out some other time when I'm moving around more because just wearing them around the house for a short period of time didn't really give me a good idea of how effective they are.  Ie. I didn't find them effective at all, but I'm not sure how fair of a trial I really gave them.

So that's what's going on in Angel's World this weekend!


  1. Oooh it sounds like a nice busy week and weekend!!!!! Awesome!!! Looking forward to Ch. 15 and all these new stories you mentioned!!!!!

    Gotta say, I just finished the third book from the Beyond Series by Kit Rocha and I LOVED IT! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!!

    We don't get Renaissance faire's here in Brazil... its something I really want to go to but I will have to wait till I visit the US again.


    1. I'm glad you liked it too! I adore that series... one day I'd like to write something that good LOL.

      Renn Faire is awesome, particularly the one near Washington DC =)

  2. Congrats on over 100,000 page views :)

  3. ::chanting:: dark & rough! Dark & rough! I love the idea of you going down a darker path of storytelling. When I read the comments on MT re: lightening it up due to reader input, I let out an "awwww MAN! SOCLOSE!" lol. I can't wait to see what those story lines bring!!

    1. Haha YAY! See, and I just need one person like you saying that I'm like YES I'M DOING IT! I just have to decide which direction I go dark and rough in...

      I feel like the modern kidnap story line is much darker and rougher than the Victorian Incest one, except that because it's blackmail incest for the most part I feel like that one is just dark in a different way... meh. I might go for the kidnap one just cuz I am definitely feeling doing something super rough as opposed to just dark =)