Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pieces of Me

I've had a couple of questions about what parts of "me" end up in my characters... well all of them get a bit of me. It's easier to figure out what I've given the modern characters, especially since I'm currently concentrating on Stronghold at the moment. =)

Angel - lives the life I sometimes wish I could.  I'm a 9-5er because I need stability, but sometimes I wish I could do odd-jobs thing, which would give me more time for things I want to do (like sew costumes).   Also, hubby and I have recently started ballroom dancing and that definitely has something to do with her mom's occupation.  And she's also half-Asian, like me.  She also has my affinity for guy friends... I get along better with guys then I do with girls a lot of the time.   I've community theater, like her, and she's also got my bratty side and my eclectic, quirky side.

Hilary - Got my words and the prissy princess part of me LOL.  She's my softer side, the cuddly one that wants to play nicely but still play.  And the words thing... my friends often make fun of me for using expressions and words that are completely outdated.  It's something that I usually have to watch out for in my writing, because most people don't actually talk like that.  One of the best things about writing from Hilary's perspective was that I didn't have to pay attention to weeding out my anachronistic expressions, I could just relax and write.

Jessica - Okay... I hate to admit this... the Transformer's quote about getting into the car... yeah that's a real conversation I had with my best friend LOL.  Don't judge me!  We weren't talking about me going to a school like the Venus School (HA! I wish!) but I still used it.  She also got to live out all my sexy fantasies about multiple partners, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc.  And she got my shyness around strangers and outgoing happiness around friends.  

Olivia - got the small Dominant side to my personality, the more abrasive side of my sense of humor, the pushiness that I have outside of the bedroom, and the occasional spurt of Dominance that I get inside of it.  She also gets my foul mouth LOL.

Leigh - you'll meet her in Stronghold, she's Angel's best friend and she got my ex-boyfriend (sorry Leigh!  But she gets a happy ending eventually).  She's kind of a cross between me 10 years ago and my best friend LOL.  

Patrick and Lexie are completely made up, but her brother Jake (in my head) is very similar to my best guy friend in high school.  Patrick kind of looks/acts like a guy that I flirted with a lot in high school, but I wouldn't say he's actually based on him.  

And Angel's Michael, who we'll see a lot of in Stronghold, was inspired by a guy I had a major crush on in college.  Their relationship is very similar to mine and his as well.  *sigh of longing* lol.  
Everyone else... completely made up. =) 

So no idea if that answers the questions or if anyone actually found that interesting... but that's a little bit of insight into the Stronghold characters.  I'm looking forward to all of their stories, that's for sure =)  

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