Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marriage Training Ch. 15

Chapter 15 of Marriage Training is now up on Literotica!

The Earl has officially joined Vivian's evening training =)  But that doesn't mean that's the only place we'll see him, there's still social stuff going on in the afternoons which he gets to be a part of too.  I'm really happy with this chapter and it seems like the readers are too, going by the comments that are being left on it so far... makes me feel good!

I'm looking forward to writing Chapter 16... I will admit, I haven't started it yet.  Sometimes that happens for various reasons, this time it's because I've been hardcore going at Stronghold.  I'm like super into the mindset for it at the moment.  I've written about 2 1/2 chapters for it this week alone and I'm hoping to get even more done before the week ends because I'm just on such a roll with it.  Things are really heating up between Angel and Adam, but so is the conflict between them and it's just flowing out like crazy.

Plus things are going on with the side characters and that's helping me to write even more and even faster. 

This book is definitely going to be longer than anything I've written before, mostly because the entire story is being told in one book.  I thought I was about 6-9 chapters away from the end... now I'm starting to wonder if it's going to end up being more than that just because there's still a lot of story that I want to work into it.  We'll see.  Things are going really well and I'm definitely on a roll writing wise, so if I can get a couple chapters done a week (or more, like this week) then I'm definitely in good shape.

Of course, I will start the next chapter of Marriage Training tomorrow but I don't think that one will take me too long =)  Now that Gabriel's more involved, those chapters flow smoother than ever.  It's just that I've been soooooo constructive with Stronghold that I didn't want to take my attention away from it until I absolutely had to.  But I still think it'll keep flowing quickly... YAY!

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