Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Annie Rides the Sybian

Sooooooooooo for those of who you aren't into Taken by the Wolf, I've got a new story out!  This is the first chapter in a 5-part series that I'm working on before I start finishing up From Terra.

Annie Rides the Sybian is a story idea I got from LoAnnie (who has some wonderful works herself on Literotica).  There's not going to be any romance, but it should be a really fun read =D  I'm sure as heck having a lot of fun writing it!  This first chapter is in the Toys/Masturbation category but the next four chapters will be in Non-Con. 

And for those of you who ARE reading Taken by the Wolf, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 9, Chapter 10 was submitted last night so it could possibly be out as soon as this upcoming weekend, or possibly at the beginning of next week.  Always hard to tell with Lit.  I counted out the chapters that I have outlined and Taken by the Wolf has 29 chapters total in the outline.  Crazy!  But awesome.  And they seem to be going much faster than Marriage Training did, probably because they aren't as in depth or as long.  I'm definitely okay with that though.  I'm having fun with the dark and also with how much easier the chapters are to write!

I'm really looking forward to getting started on finishing the series that you all voted for, hoping to do that starting in February =) 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ah, the Sybian. Now there's a toy I'd like to play with but - they're SO expensive. It's a shame you can't rent one from the local hardware store, just to make a party go with a zing!

    If you have never met one, try which is a touchmale-porn but will give you the idea.

    1. I'll def have to check out the link!

      I haven't ridden one but MAN do I want to! If I had a neighbor like Annie (and hubby was okay with it) I'd let him watch just so I could ride! No touchie though LOL

    2. Of course we've talked about why I would never ride the one I had access too--though who knows, maybe having moved 1000 miles away to sunny California I can find someone down here who has one where it'd be less creepy :)

    3. heh heh, oh yeah, totally...

      I think you might have more willpower than me LOL. Although, admittedly, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist anyway, and I've never actually HAD an offer from anyone... creepy or otherwise =P

    4. Trust me, if it weren't for the creepiness aspect of it, I totally would have gone for it. I thought about it a few times but the likely result was the last thing I wanted.

    5. True that!!!
      Which... is exactly what I'll be exploring in the next chapter LOL