Friday, January 24, 2014

Stronghold & Some Thoughts

Soooo Stronghold is finally available for the Nook and on Smashwords!  From now on, releases should all come at about the same time.  When I submitted it to Amazon, I wasn't publishing for the Nook yet so I went ahead and did my usual sign-up for promotions, which means that it can't be sold on any other site for 90 days.  La.

Anyway!  Submitted the next chapter of Annie Rides the Sybian... so far it looks like I'm getting out about a chapter a week for both Annie and The Wolf.  I've been enjoying watching the comments about where people think The Wolf is going to go.  Interestingly, so far no one's picked up on the direction.  I'll just say again... I'm feeling rather sadistic and if you're hoping Bella and Alex manage to get away / upset the system before going through some crazy shit, you're probably better off not reading the story LOL.  Just gonna put that out there.  I haven't gone nearly as dark as I want to go yet.

Plus, I'm using this series to start experimenting with some Domme stuff.  I've never written Women dominating Man scenes before and if I'm ever going to write Olivia, then I need to get some practice in and get some feedback on what people think of those scenes =D  Since they're out of my usual comfort zone.

In the meantime... I'll talk a little bit more about the next book in the Stronghold series, Taming the Tease - which I'll have a teaser for before February ;)  Maria is waaaaaaaaay feistier than I'd originally realized and she's turning Rick on his head a little bit.  LOL.  It's a lot of fun to write.  I'm not entirely sure either he or I know quite what to do with her.  Although so far she's not messing up my outline as much as Angel and Adam did, but then again I'm only about 5 chapters into the book.  I keep feeling like that's not a lot, but then I remind myself that I have to start somewhere, and that originally I thought I'd still be working on Punishing His Ward at this point, so the fact that I'm focusing on it at all is a good thing.  Especially since I didn't work on it much at all these past couple of months and then ended up completely re-writing what I HAD written LOL.

Feeling rather snarky lately... if you've read my tweets or my comments back to anonymous commentators you may have noticed that.  I know I should just let people be, and normally I do, but I've been having a bit more trouble with that the past couple of days LOL.  Snark snark snark!  Maybe I just have more energy than usual.

Anyway. I think I've started babbling and hit that point where I'm not being interesting anymore.  So I'm gonna stop now.  Look for more stuff coming next week!


  1. I found the hardest thing about writing a Domme was knowing how forceful to make her while trying to avoid stereotypes (didn't entirely succeed), and expressing how she herself felt about torturing the boys.
    The easiest was thinking up ways to torture them, that was fun!
    Hope you enjoyed it, if you've had a chance.
    Btw, when's the next Stronghold out please?

    1. haha yeah I could see that =)

      Next Stronghold is what I'm focusing on right now... I have it as planned for being out this spring but unfortunately it's too early for me to know exactly what month. =/ I'm aiming for end of April but it could very well be May.

  2. (Oh, and what she's trying to train them to do. Did I get the cock ring and cock cage the wrong ways around? That kind of thing. I posted on the forum asking for an editor for the BDSM aspect but didn't have any offers.)