Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burlesque Brunch

So, M asked about the Burlesque Brunch I mentioned in my last blog post.

Burlesque is something that has become BIG in the U.S. again.  It's not exactly stripping... but kind of.  The women usually don't get completely naked and there's more corsets and feathers and stuff like that.  It used to be the big thing to do for an erotic good time and now it's definitely been making a comeback here in the U.S.

For a friends bachlorette party we went to SAX in DC, which is a Burlesque Bar & Lounge with a FANTASTIC stage up behind the bar.  This means that you can't get anywhere near the dancers to tip them, so their wages are covered in the price that you pay for your meal (which is a set menu with a set price, although you do have some options within the set menu).  There's also always at least one girl walking around the floor in an outfit for you to take pictures with.

Burlesque is hot.  If you're trying to conjure up a picture of what it is, think corsets, silk robes, elbow-length gloves, stockings and nipple tassles.  Big feathers, fans, and a lot of pageantry going along with the stripping.  I'm looking into taking some classes in it, because I found out that's possible in my area.

SAX not only does evening stuff, they also have a Sunday brunch with bottomless mimosas and bloody mary's.  RIGHT?!  Yeah, of course we went.  LOL.  And it was just as amazing as when we were there for the bachlorette party.  The nice thing is, the Burlesque Dancers have sets that occur every 15 minutes or so and are about 2-4 minutes long.  This means that you have plenty of time to talk to your friends / eat in between watching the dancers - who are fantastic, btw.  They have a girl who does stuff on the pole that is just ridic impressive... she has amazing muscles and I want to be her.  Upper body strength like WOAH.  The food is great, the drinks are delicious, and the entertainment is both sexy and fun.

Next time we go to brunch there, we're bringing our moms.  And we're probably not going to give them a heads up beforehand.

Because what fun would that be?


    Here in Portugal Burlesque is just one house or so...but one the girl who does it is married to a famous (in Portugal) rocker, she has done quite an amazing job of awereness towards the dance.
    When you get to take the moms...please...please...tell us...i for one would like very much to know how that went :)
    Love Carla

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Angel! I will definitely add that to my list of places to go in DC! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I do Belly Dancing and I can guess how much more sexy and theatrical Burlesque can be! Hmmmmm Gotta look into some videos or something of it on the internet.

    Sounds like an all round fun day taking your moms to the club! I agree with Carla, please let us know how it goes! Here in Brazil we don't have many, after you mentioned I saw one school that teaches it, but its just the one with VERY few shows and the corset thing is only now becoming more popular. But a lot of food for thought ... hmmmmmmm

    Thanks so much!

    1. Yeah belly dancing is hot, but burlesque is all about seduction =) It's fun!

  3. Snivel, snivel, we don't have things like that here. Queenslanders think Queen Victoria is still on the throne. They even censor Playboy (I am told - I wouldn't waste my money on it - too tame altogether.)

    1. Ooooh man... I remember the first time I got a Playboy... my bestie and I were SO excited and it was SO DISAPPOINTING!

  4. Reminds me of Hawaii. There was this one strip club that open at noon on Sunday. Total nude women, allowed to touch, double shot drinks and they allowed cameras. The stag was about two feet tall and the HOT part was going up to it with a bill between your teeth. The woman would come up to you and drop to her knees so she was eye level. She would then wrap her arms around you in a hug and start falling back pulling you with her. At the same time pulling down her body until she was flat on the stage and you face was in between her tits. When she would let go of the hug and push her tits together to take the bill.


    1. WOW. Now see, I should probably be all up in arms about how degrading that is to women, but honestly all I can think is "now THAT's the kind of strip club I want to go to!"