Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 8

Talk about being on a roll!

So Taken by the Wolf Ch. 8 came out on Literotica last night =)  So far it seems like it's getting good reviews =)  It's the first time that Bella, Alex and the Wolf are all alone together... and I think it might be as much of a mind-fuck as a physical one.  I certainly felt a bit like it was when I was writing it!  But sometimes I wonder if I'm getting across everything that's going on in my head.

Anyway.  Last night I also submitted Chapter 9... wow, that one took a turn while I was writing it.  The Wolf really likes making his captives earn their meals, and I knew exactly how I wanted them to do so.  Alex did exactly what he was supposed to.  Then I started writing the part where Bella and Trish were supposed to eat each other out to earn their food, and things did NOT go the way I planned!  But I think I liked the way it went even better, in the mind-fuck sense.  It'll be interesting to see how people respond when that comes out, so keep an eye out for it!  Now I've started working on Chapter 10 which won't really have anything new when it comes to the mind-fuck / sex stuff, but it's going to introduce some other stuff that I've been looking forward to dealing with.  Woo!

And, of course, if you didn't read my blog yesterday, Punishing His Ward is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords =)  If you like it please take a minute to let people know and just write a quick review!!!  It's always much appreciated =)

In the meantime, I've been working a bit on the short series that I mentioned before, Annie Rides the Sybian, and I think I'm about halfway through the first chapter of that one (it's going to have longer chapters than The Wolf does).  I'm hoping to get that submitted later this week.  I've also been working on trying to put together outlines for finishing the three Lit series that you all voted for!

It looks like From Terra will be the first one that I finish, mostly because it's going to have the shortest number of chapters to come to its conclusion.  Tomboy Tease will be next, although it's going to take quite a few chapters.  And Homeschooled is going last, because it took on a life of its own while I was writing the outline, and I don't know that I'll be able to even START finishing all three if I don't save that one for last... I'm pretty sure that the outline I came up with is NOTHING like what I originally pictured, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, just wanted to report in on all that... apparently it's a busy week!

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