Monday, August 13, 2012

Back From the Beach

There's nothing like the beach to refresh a body! =) There's just something wonderfully magical about the ocean and knowing that you're just a tiny part of this vast expanse of water. Also terrifying. No matter how good of a swimmer I am, I've always been afraid of deep water. Not sure why. Started thinking about writing stories about mermaids. Rejected the idea.

Still waiting for the next chapter of Consequences to come out. It's listed as pending.  *sigh* lots of people must be submitting stories lately because it's taking a little longer than usual to have it approved.

At the moment I'm about halfway through a new short single and starting on the next chapter of Consequences. Trying to figure out what on my long list of requests / ideas I'm in the mood to start on next. Unfortunately not too much more to report than that at the moment... tomorrow I'm going to try to get out the short bio for either Justin or Chris =)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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