Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home Again!

So my new stand-alone Loving Wives story Arranged is now available on Lit.  Getting lots of interesting feedback. This particular story is historical fiction, the husband and wife have an arranged marriage (as was typical back then) and the husband is gay but, because of the time period, can't do anything about it.  He and his wife are both attracted to / a little in love with his best friend Warren, and so that's who ends up in the marriage bed. 

I know some people were disappointed that I didn't go further into Chistopher (the husband) when it came to his own sexual release, and I seriously considered doing so, but there was no way he could have shown them that he was aroused. The whole point to having Warren there was that Mary couldn't arouse him. Homosexuality, for a long time, was punishable by a whole host of things lawfully, and there were plenty of people who went more extreme than lawful punishments.  I considered several different other endings - including one where Christopher would have joined Mary and Warren in the bed and finally consummated his marriage because he was aroused by Warren's presence, but there was so much of a romantic connection going on between Mary and Warren that I felt it would be almost like rape for Mary to go through that. The characters and time period guided this piece far more than it usually does for me.

I have one more stand alone story that I'm writing before I start on Being the Maid (which got the most votes on what I should write next =).  I'm also still working on Consequences, although I'm a couple of chapters away from being done with that one.

And I'm really hoping to have Venus Rising done by the end of this month but it's possible I'll need to push the release date back. I'm about three fourths of the way through, but things are getting more complicated between the characters, so it might take a little longer than I would have liked. Tomorrow I'll either be posting Justin's bio or another teaser here on the blog.  I'm hoping for the bio, but it's my friend's birthday tonight so I'm not sure I'll have any time to work on finishing it this evening.

Have to say... it's hard getting back into the writing groove after being away for a weekend. *sigh*  This is why I need a laptop. Working on getting one as a birthday present to myself. Woot.

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