Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finished Sarah's Private Dick

That's right! It's finally done. I'm pretty happy with the ending of it, although I'm not sure everyone will be.  I'm sure everyone will be happy with the romantic conclusion, but possibly not with the Vincent storyline. It should be out tomorrow or the day after.

It was a really great series to write... I'm probably going to have it ready for Kindle in the next couple weeks although I've been concentrating a LOT on getting Venus Aspiring together. Kinda wishing I'd given myself more time for that one so I might have to extend the release date... I'm hoping that won't be necessary though, which is why I'm working so hard on it and why chapters for Literotica have been so slow.  There's a LOT going on in Venus Aspiring, not just with Jessica, Chris and Justin, but also with Hilary and some other new characters (who I am LOVING!).  I'm going to start doing Bios for everyone soon... looking forward to that.

So that's where we're at right now... hopefully I'll have the next chapter to Consequences submitted in the next couple of days as well. I know it looks like I've slowed down a lot on writing, but believe me... I haven't. I'm just working my ass off on the next book for my favorite trio. I think I'm about halfway there, maybe a little over.  It's a nice feeling.

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