Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Final Venus Aspiring Teaser

The Good News: I'm on the final chapter for the book.

The Bad News: Since I still have to do editing, it's not going to be done by August 31.

The Follow-Up Good News: I'll be submitting it to Amazon by next week so it's not going to be toooo much later than originally thought. YAY!

And... the teaser.  I chose this section because I wanted to introduce you to some of the other characters in the book, who you'll be seeing a lot more of in the future!

By the time the rest of their friends showed up for the game, Justin was feeling pretty good. He'd admitted to Chris that he wouldn't mind having a threesome relationship, although the truth was part of him kind of wanted it. The three of them felt right together, as evidenced by the fun they'd had last night. And he'd always enjoyed being part of a threesome with Chris when it came to sex, so there was no problem there. Plus, he had trouble opening up and being playful when Chris wasn't around.  Jessica needed fun in her man - or men.

Now they just had to convince her.

Before they could get too far into their conversation about how to convince her the doorbell rang. 

"Who invited the skirt?" he asked, joking, as Olivia entered with Liam, Adam and Patrick.

"Screw you," she said cheerfully. "You know if I wasn't here you wouldn't have anyone to actually talk about the game with."

It was true that he and Olivia were much more invested in DC's team than anyone else.  Liam and Chris couldn't care less who won, they were there more for the company.  Adam was a Ravens fan, Patrick had grown up in Colorado and was a die hard Bears fan who joined them only to mock them, and Rick - who hadn't arrived yet but was on his way - followed the Colts, the way his father had when they'd been Maryland's team. Today the Skins were playing the Cowboys, which meant that everyone would be cheering for the Skins but he and Olivia were the only ones who would actually care.

"Maybe I was talking about Liam," he said with a straight face.

Liam just gave him a look as he headed for the kitchen.  The sheer amount of alpha energy in the house should have had the walls bursting outwards. Justin wasted a moment wishing that they'd invited Jessica, although that would have made her the only submissive person in the house. 

Just going by sheer force of personality, Patrick Murphy was definitely the head honcho of the group. He was actually the owner of Stronghold, the kink club where all of them had met (other than Justin and Chris of course, and they'd actually brought Rick to Stronghold for the first time).  Even though Justin was two inches over six feet, he still felt a little short next to Patrick who was 6'5" and even more broadly muscled than himself.  Patrick was probably the scariest looking too; mixed half black, half white, he kept his head bald and shiny which only emphasized the long scar going down the left side of his face and the bump in his nose from a previous break. Apparently he'd been a bit of a hellion as a kid, always getting into all sorts of trouble, although he claimed that the scar actually came from sword fighting his best friend Jake when they were teenagers.  Jake was overseas in Afghanistan right now and Justin knew that Patrick was worrying about him.

Justin and Adam were about a match for each other in height and dominant tendencies, although Adam was more strict when it came to submissives.  While Justin liked to be in charge in the bedroom, and most other places, he wasn't as interested in the lifestyle as Adam was.  Not that Adam wanted a 24/7 power exchange, like Patrick did, but he did insist on some of the etiquette. Every Dom was a little bit different in how he wanted his sub to behave.  So far Adam hadn't settled down, although plenty of subs at Stronghold panted after him.  At six feet three inches, with blonde hair and ice blue eyes, not to mention a full golden goatee that was the envy of many, and long lean muscles, even if Adam hadn't been a skilled Dom the women would probably have been panting a little.  Seeing if they could work together would be interesting.

"So where's Jessica?" Olivia asked, just as the doorbell rang again.

Pulling it back open, Justin let Rick inside. Rick had the farthest to travel, as he lived a couple hours away from D.C., but he always traveled to see his friends when he could. Not that it had been long since Justin and Chris had seen him, but the rest of them hadn't for awhile.

"She's at home," Justin said to Olivia as they all trooped to the kitchen.  "We decided she probably needed a break from us to think things through."

"And we didn't want to expose her to this group of degenerates and have her run screaming," quipped Chris, picking up on the subject matter immediately as they entered the kitchen.

"Is this the girl you two have been mooning over?" Adam asked as he opened a beer.  Justin and Chris had talked about her more than once and all of their friends knew about their plan to follow her to the school.

"You should see her," Rick said immediately. "Gorgeous and very ah... passionate."  Both Justin and Chris growled at him immediately, but Rick Winter just smirked at them and accepted the beer that Adam handed them, not at all threatened. "You two are the idiots who thought it would be a good idea if Olivia told her about the school.  And asked me to look out for her that first day. I can't help it if she made a good student."

Friendly banter filled the kitchen as Chris put out the chips and queso. 

"So what are you going to do when she chooses one of you?" Liam wanted to know.  Out of all of them Liam was the shortest at just under 6' and was the quietest. He was also an incredible martial artist who owned his own dojo and could kick any of their asses without even breaking a sweat, except for maybe Patrick's. With his curly auburn hair he could have looked boyish, but the hard lines of his face and defined jaw immediately kicked that impression out the window. Especially if you got close enough to realize he was packing serious muscle, without an ounce of fat, under his clothes.  The healthiest out of the group, he kept himself on a strictly maintained diet; even now he was drinking a glass of red wine, which would be his one glass for the day, after which he would switch to water.

"Ah, well..." Chris eyed Justin, not sure they were sharing that information yet.

"We‘re both seeing her for the moment," Justin said simply but firmly.  The room fell silent and Olivia twitched as if she wanted to say something, but she didn't. If Chris had been the one to say it everyone probably would have thought he was joking, but coming from Justin they knew how serious he was.

"And how is that going to work exactly?" Patrick asked, scrutinizing both of them as though he was trying to read their minds. The scary bastard probably could. Justin had never met anyone who was so skilled at reading body language, although Adam ran a close second. If he was looking for any signs of jealousy or in-fighting he wasn't going to find it.

"For the moment we take her on dates separately and then the three of us hang out together as friends," Justin said calmly, as if it wasn’t a big deal.  As if everyone wasn’t thinking what a shit show this could turn into. “And we’ll make the rest up as we go along, just like every other relationship.”

Chris clapped his shoulder encouragingly. "We'll figure it out. Maybe get a woman's insight." He gave Olivia a hopeful grin, to which she raised her eyebrows.

"Get real."

"So when do the rest of us get to meet this sterling student?" asked Adam, breaking the tension a little. It was obvious everyone wanted to meet her, see what kind of woman could hook the both of them so hard that they were willing to risk their friendship.  "Great wings, by the way."  Justin nodded at the compliment, smiling to himself as he saw that his friend already had a small pile of teeny tiny wing bones on a plate in front of him. He had no idea how Adam managed to eat so many wings without getting even the tiniest spot of sauce on that blonde goatee or mustache, but he never did. Or on his crisp white shirts that he always wore when he was being casual.

"Thanks. I'm not sure when..." Justin glanced at Chris who immediately picked up on what he was trying to say.

"I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but we're a seriously scary crowd of people," Chris said, waving his hand around the room.  "Not only would she be the only girl, other than Olivia, but she'd be the only one with any submissiveness tendencies.  One on one she'd probably like you all just fine. As a group..."

"Bring her to the club," Patrick suggested immediately. "You guys haven't been in awhile.  You can see Andrew, he's back in town now. I've got him working bar on nights when Liam's not."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Chris complained. "We would have invited him. He didn't even tell me he was coming."

Andrew had moved away several years ago after a bad break up, going up to New York to be near his family for awhile. He and Chris had been pretty close, although Justin hadn't really connected with him.  Not that he had a problem with the guy, but Chris and Andrew were both naturally gregarious and they had the same sense of humor, so they'd just hit it off immediately.

"Apparently it was kind of a snap decision," Patrick said. "His parents are moving to Florida," Chris nodded, he'd known that, "and he was going to stay up there but then realized he didn't really want to without them there.  Other than being near his parents, there's nothing really holding him there. He made the decision while you guys were at the school. But he wouldn't have been able to come today anyway, he's back up there packing up more stuff to send down here."

"Great," said Justin, knowing that Chris would want to see Andrew. Personally Justin was more in favor of seeing Jessica in the club than in visiting the bartender, although it would be good to see Andrew again.  Some of their friends had their own playrooms or dungeons at home, but neither he nor Chris had never seen the need for one when they could go to the club and utilize its facilities. "We'll bring her."

The rest of the afternoon could be considered a roaring success, although Justin had trouble concentrating on anything but the idea of bringing Jessica to Stronghold. He had a feeling she'd really enjoy the fantasy rooms that were available there.  Of course, he was getting a little ahead of himself.  Somehow he and Chris needed to find out if she would have any interest in not choosing between them, but taking on both of them in a real relationship.  Would any woman actually say yes to that?  Being involved in kink and Stronghold had made both him and Chris more open minded to the myriad of different relationships that were possible. There were polyamerous relationships among some of the people who attended the club. It wasn't the norm but it happened. And he knew of at least one permanent threesome, although it was between a husband and wife and their sub.  But would Jessica be as open minded?

After everyone left and Chris was helping him clean up, the topic of Jessica came up again of course.  Especially now that they’d had one weekend with her and both of them had admitted they’d be interested in trying a threesome relationship.

"So what's the game plan then?" Chris asked as he gathered up the empty beer bottles and put them into the recycling bin while Justin did the same with the paper plates, napkins and plasticware and tossed them in the garbage.

"Take it slow. Keep doing what we've been doing, but maybe start to romance her a little during the times when all three of us are together. Show her what it could be like before we jump in and tell her that's what we want."

"You know she could end up choosing one of us before that happens," Chris said, looking worried.

Justin shrugged. "That's a chance we'll have to take. If it happens, it happens and we'll deal with it then."

Internally he was just as worried as Chris, but he really couldn't think of a better idea. Not without risking scaring Jessica off, at any rate, which would be even worse. If she chose one of them, at least two people would be happy. But he'd rather that all three of them could be.  


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  2. I can not wait!! So excited to read more.. I'm glad you are taking your time and making sure you like it.. But i'm also going crazy waiting. I keep checking back hoping for an update. Time to be patient i suppose!

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