Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Character Profile: Jessica Swift

So, as I've been talking about, I've done a little character profile so that you can get to know Jessica better. Justin, Chris and Hilary's are coming soon!

Name: Jessica Swift
Age: 25 years old
Hair: curly brown shoulder length
Eyes: hazel
Bra size: 34-DD
Dress size: 8

Favorite color: red
Favorite drink: lemon drop martini
Favorite animal: dogs
Favorite movie: The Wedding Date

Hometown: suburb of Maryland
College: University of Maryland
Workplace: HR assistant at Boyds & Co in downtown Washington DC

Jessica's hobbies include sketching and painting (mostly water colors), hiking, camping, reading, movies and swimming. During high school she was on Varsity Swimteam, although she was never one of the best on the team.  In the spring she plays for her company's soft ball team (center field).  Her best friend is Hilary, whom she both lives and works with (at the same company although in different departments) and they've known each other since high school.

She's very close to her parents, which is where her love of the outdoors comes from. Both of her parents, Carrie and John Swift love to take long weekend camping trips and visiting national parks, nature centers, etc. and so does she.  Her younger brother,  Jay Swift, is 22 years old and goes along with the camping trips to be a good sport although he's not as interested. 

When she was 23 she started reading BDSM erotica and romance on her ebook reader and became hooked on the idea, although her boyfriend at the time, Sean Worthington, had no interest in her new desires.  This eventually led to them breaking up, because she was unhappy in a relationship where she couldn't explore the things she wanted and because she no longer fit his image of the kind of woman he wanted to be with because of her desires. Until she attended the Venus School of Sex Jessica tended to dress in conservative clothes that hid her features rather than flattering them, which is what Sean preferred.

Since attending the school, Jessica's horizons have expanded explosively and she's found that there were a lot more desires hidden away that she knew nothing about. Now she's in love with two men and looking to see if she can find a workable happily-ever-after in her strange new relationship.

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