Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow... I'm 29 today. So close to thirty! 

Luckily I've never been frightened by the age of 30. I have a feeling that 40 is going to be my crises year LOL. But there are still lots of considerations for the end of my 20's... I've had some serious ups and downs during these years including starting writing for Lit, being engaged, breaking off an engagement, dropping out of university, stopping writing for Lit, returning to a 2 year college, getting out of the emotionally abusive cyclical relationship I was in, returning to university, meeting a wonderful new man and getting engaged and (last year) married to him, and starting to write for Lit again.  I am so different from 10 years ago when I first started writing for Lit... kind of crazy. And I can see the difference in my writings.

Even though I'm not scared of being 30 next year, there are always things that these milestone birthdays make me think about. When I was a kid I had a lot of expectations for my life. I wanted to be married and have my first kids by the time I was thirty. I thought I'd be living in a house. I thought I'd be well traveled. Some of that's true. I am married. I'm fairly well traveled. But I never pictured being majorly in debt and still working my way out of it. And, as I get closer to thirty, there are some things that I'd still like to get done with my life, so I thought I'd list them:

1. Eat at a Hooters (what?! I know right? it'd be sacrilege if I reached the age of 30 without ever having gone to a Hooters!)
2. Go to a strip club (my best friends still can't believe I've never been to one... sometimes I can't either.)
3. Finish a book trilogy
4. Take a yoga class
5. Go on a girl's vacation with my Mom
6. Go to Harry Potter World (doing this on mine & hubby's 1 year anniversary cruise!)
7. Watch the movie Psycho
8. Swim with dolphins (same cruise as #6!)
9. Have a drink of Johnny Walker Blue Label
10. Become a published author through a publisher rather than self-publishing

When I hit thirty I'll have to make a new list for all the things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 40, because there are so many other things that I want to do but won't have time to / be able to afford in just one year. Wish I'd thought of this sooner, but it's amazing how quickly times flies!

Anyway... as to my writing, I submitted a stand alone story yesterday - Arranged.  I just can't stay away from that Loving Wives category! This one is a historical erotic short about an arranged marriage and unfortunately the husband is homosexual and can't arouse himself enough to copulate with his wife, so he asks his friend, whom he's secretly attracted to, to do it for him.  Fortunately his friend his half in love with the wife already and she's very attracted to him, so everybody ends up happy. I tried to make it rather romantic.  Pretty curious as to what kind of reception it's going to get!

Also, please don't forget to vote on what I should write next (you can leave comments anonymously btw)...


  1. Happy Birthday Girl!!! Don't worry about 40...I hit that milestone in late June and I have to has been awesome! Do I feel 40? No. I still feel 29..ish ;) am I glad i'm here? Absolutely!! Have I done everything I thought I would do by now? Heck no :) but I have to say there is something liberating about being 40...especially when I can say that it wasn't long ago that I could still claim to be in my 30s. Somehow now though everything is better :)

    Enough about me. I'm a big fan of your writing. I've been reading Lit for years and finally found you. I went back and read everything that you've written. Well done!!!

    Enjoy your birthday week! You deserve it :-)

    1. Thank you! Yeah so far every decade has pretty much just gotten better... there may be a few off years, but overall, life is good =)

      I'm having a great week so far, so thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday Angel!!!!

    A little late I know. Just let me say that I hope this "high age" doesn't make you stop writing.

    Enjoy your birhday celebrations and best wishes

    TomGo (lit)

    1. Hahaha def don't plan to stop due to age =) Thanks!!!!