Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heading to the Big Apple

That's where I'll be this weekend, soaking in some of the sights and going to my first ever Broadway show!  Yesterday I also got to ride in a convertible with the top down for the first time =) I love doing things for the first time! Should have added those to the "before I'm 30" list, but that's fine. It's enough that I got to do them!

I'm sorry I'm so delayed on Justin & Chris' bios... I have to re-read all the stuff I've previously written about them (to make sure I don't do anything contradictory) and connect some of the other dots as well.  It was a little easier with Jessica to be honest, because she's been the main focus. With Chris and Justin I have to figure out a little bit more about them and their backgrounds so that I can piece together their bios. Since I'll be away this weekend and won't be writing on the blog, I'm going to do my damndest when I get home Sunday night to finish up at least one of theirs.

In the meantime... don't forget to vote for what I should write next! (it is possible to vote - ie. leave a comment - anonymously). So far option #1 the maid is winning!

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