Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Update & a Request for Help - Vote for Book Titles

Ok... so a couple things before I get into the stuff about my new Victorian series =)

I'm still working on the Venus Quartet of course... although I can't quite hazard a guess as to when the final book will be out other than Spring. Hopefully no later than May... I'd really prefer not to have to push the definition of Spring into June =/ Due to lack of free time during busy season, however, I'm not able to put as much time towards my writing as I would like, but I'm doing what I can to keep myself motivated and to make it the best finale I can =)

I seem to be rotating my focus by weeks almost, although I do work on all three of my current projects almost every day, the main focus usually goes towards one with only little side forays into the others. The week before last my focus was on Venus, last week and the first half of this week it was on Marriage Training (Chapter 2 was submitted yesterday so hopefully that will be out very soon... early next week would be good!) and the past few days my focus has been on my Victorian book. Not because I don't want to work on Venus stuff, but just that's where my brain has been and so that's where my best work has been done. But don't despair, Venus fans, things are going well in that world as well. Next week will pretty much be devoted towards all things Venus, so I'm hopeful of getting quite a bit done.

In the meantime... I need a little help with my new Victorian series (polls are to the left). If you look at my last two blog posts you can read the book description and a teaser from the first book and I'm hopeful that my helpful voters will be able to assist me with naming both the series and the books.  All of the books are going to involve domestic discipline and erotic spankings/discipline, etc.

Possible series titles:
Domestic Discipline
Passion & Punishment
The Taming of the Wives

Possible book titles:
His Reluctant Bride
The Rebellious Bride
Beginning with Birching

When it comes to the book titles if either His Reluctant Bride or The Rebellious Bride wins the vote then the names of the books in this quartet will be:
1. His Reluctant Bride / The Rebellious Bride
2. In Pursuit of Passion
3. Wesley's Amorous Ward (also considering The Wanton Ward)
4. Claiming His Wayward Wife

If Beginning with Birching is chosen, the books will be:
1. Beginning With Birching
2. Dealing With Discipline
3. Seducing With Spanking
4. Punishment With Purpose

Or if you think that I need to keep coming up with other options you can vote for that.  Suggestions are more than welcome in the comments section below =)


  1. I like domestic discipline and his reluctant bride.

  2. Some of the titles do sound a bit what I'd call 'Mills & Boon-y' (for the US, Harlequin romances), in fact I think those titles have been used as such, so I'd say you were better off with titles which would better allude to the contents. (Unless that's what you want?)
    Therefore out of any, I'd go with either of the first two series title options, and the last book title option, Beginning with Birching.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Heh, yeah but I kinda LIKE the Harlequin-y romance titles... they are eye catching. But I think you're right they're a little cheesy... gonna be writing a new blog today, maybe you'll like my compromise ;)