Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introducing: Domestic Discipline

So Angel, what have you been up to lately?

Well, even before I started working on Marriage Training I was already working out my recent minor obsession with all things Regency/Victorian with a story that will be the first ever story I've written available exclusively through Kindle. No teasers on Lit, no first chapters, no variations on it... Only for Kindle.

My inspiration from this story came from several areas:

1. My aforementioned recent obsession with the Regency/Victorian era

2. Anne Randolph's Uncle Charles' Girls - the first scene of my book was, in particular, inspired by the first scene of hers, although from there the stories diverge greatly.  I was fascinated by her use of the birch, the idea of a voyeuristic awakening in a young man upon seeing a young woman disciplined, and how it might effect what he desires in a marriage.

3.  Other books of domestic discipline (man I love the spankings) which didn't quite satisfy me. I've noticed that a lot of domestic discipline books focus on the discipline without having much of an erotic element. Or those that do have both discipline and eroticism tend to be low on romance/plot/character development (in my opinion).

So I wanted to combine all of these things - domestic discipline, eroticism and romance - and I came up with a plot summary for four books with interconnected characters. I'm almost done with the first one. I would take breaks from the contemporary scenes of Poker Loser and Venus in order to indulge my lusts for the historical before getting back on track with the others, and the first one is shorter than the others will be (and it will also be cheaper), so it's almost ready. Which means that I should probably start introducing you to what I've been working on.

Book One - Beginning With Birching

Edwin Villiers, Lord Hyde and only child of the Earl of Clarendon, didn't realize that women were sometimes discipline with the birch until the day he was invited by his friend Hugh Stanley, Viscount Petersham and son of the Earl of Harrington, to witness the disciplining of Hugh's sister Eleanor.  While he'd known Eleanor as a young girl, she had grown up to a beautiful but spoiled young woman who, even at the age of 18, wasn't quite ready to make her debut.  After being overly indulged by her mother for years, her father Lord Harrington has realized that he must take her in hand or risk her ruining the family's reputation with her willful ways once she's out in Society.

While watching the young lady receive a bare bottom birching, Edwin finds himself having a reaction he'd never expected - a shocking arousal that awakens a new array of sensual desires in him.  When Eleanor appears in Society a year lady, having learned to pretend to the demure manners her father demands, Edwin starts to think about leaving his bachelor days behind and securing Eleanor as his wife. He knows that a sweet and generous person lurks beneath the spoiled manner she's adopted in recent years, and he's not at all adverse to administering the necessary punishments to bring back the Eleanor he once knew.

When Eleanor enters the marriage mart she already knows exactly what she's looking for: someone who will love her more than she loves him.  After watching her parents' marriage she's seen the power her father wields over her mother, who is worshipfully in love with him.  Eleanor wants the jewels, the silks, the dresses, and she absolutely does not want to lose her heart.  The man she's looking for is kind, indulgent and will never threaten her emotional happiness. He's certainly nothing like her brother's rather rakish and dangerously handsome friend Lord Hyde, even if the man does make her feel strange yearnings that she's never experienced before.

Unfortunately her father has little trust in his daughter's supposed reformation, especially after her behavior at her come-out ball when he sees the men she's chosen to attract - and her tactics for doing so.  Sure that Eleanor is on the way towards ruining her reputation as well as the family's, especially if she manages to snare a man without the gumption to combat her willful ways, her father marries her off to the overbearing and far-to-attractive Lord Hyde within the first week of her Season.

Never at a loss for long, Eleanor soon comes up with a plan that will make her a constant thorn in her husband's side until he's all too happy to allow her to live separately from him and manage her own life.  Unfortunately for her, Edwin is just as determined to see his spoiled bride tamed and she finds his methods of discipline as disturbingly arousing as they are painful, but Eleanor has never been one to back down easily.  Romance, punishment and pleasure abound as husband and wife test the limits of their new relationship and fight to determine what their future will be.

Look for a teaser in my next blog ;)


  1. I am so happy that you are pursuing that! Will definitely buy the book and look forward for more. Like you I am fascinated with the Victorian era... Great job on the teaser!! (goodgirl45 on Lit)

    1. Glad you like the sound of it!!! I'm hoping to be done with the book by next week, although it does depend on how busy my work schedule is. *sigh* I've definitely slowed down my output since tax season started but I'm doing my best!