Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yeah I'm Wearing Your Shirt

Last night hubby walks up to give me a kiss while I'm sitting at my lap top, does a double take and says "Hey, that's my shirt!"

My super creative response? "I don't know what you're talking about."

The dumbfounded look on his face me it totally worth it... for just half a second he wondered if he was somehow wrong and the shirt I was wearing wasn't his shirt but mine.  The next half a second he wondered if I was an idiot and just didn't realize that I was wearing his shirt.  Then he got a good look at my "I'm so innocent" expression and burst out laughing.

I always thought guys liked it when women steal their clothes and wear them (I mean, you know, as long as we return them) but hubby always gets a little indignant over it.  At one point he thought it would make a good argument to say: "I don't go around wearing your clothes." (Funny enough we're going to our annual Valentine's Day drag party next weekend when he will be wearing my clothes, but I think he meant on a regular basis.).  I had to point out to him that I wear his clothes because their comfortable and for the most part he wouldn't be comfortable in my clothes.

I still find it amusing that he seems to think pointing out when I'm wearing his clothing will somehow prevent me from doing it.  Although last night was the first time that I ever really had him at a complete loss for words in my response. *self high five*

In writing news... no idea why my stuff on Literotica is taking so long to come out. It's been awhile since I've had two submissions in at once.  I'm now working on Chapter 2 of Marriage Training but it'd be nice to have the first one come out so that I can get some feedback before I submit chapter 2.  Not that I'm anywhere near the end of it yet, but it'd be a little easier to write. Whenever I'm starting a new story or getting really close to the end, that's when feedback is most important to me.

Busy season at work has slowed down my writing pace some, although I'm doing what I can to keep it up.  But you know, when you have to work extra hours during the week and almost a full day on Saturdays in addition to the normal time, it has an effect on productivity.  Still, I'm fairly happy with the amount that I'm putting out considering the time I have to work on it... hopefully the Lit stuff will be out any day now!  I always feel like I need to prove that I'm actually getting some writing done so it drives me nuts when the Lit submissions are slow. Irrational, but there ya go.

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  1. It might get my partner a friendly swat on the ass, but I find it Sexy as fuck when my GFs wear my shirts... especially my plaid ones.