Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marriage Training Ch. 2

YAY! Chapter 2 of Marriage Training just came out on Literotica!

Things are kinda busy here at the moment. I'm going out of town at the end of this week for a destination wedding; add in how busy I am at work and not much writing has gotten done... but there HAS been a little bit. And I'm definitely taking my laptop on my plane ride so that I can get even more done on there!!!

Beginning With Birching / His Reluctant Bride (voting still going on to the left... so far it looks like The Rebellious Bride is out of the running) is almost done. Literally a chapter and a half away.

Still working on Venus... it's not anywhere close to done yet, but it's going to be good I think.

And I've just barely started Chapter 3 of Marriage Training, but I have to say, MAN am I enjoying this series! A lot more work is going into it than I originally thought, and it's going to be a LOT longer than I originally thought, but that's in large part because of the amount of detail that's going into it and so I'm super okay with that.  Chapters 1 - 3 were originally planned out to be JUST chapter 1, to give you an idea.

Okay... off to work. Everyone have a good day and enjoy Chapter 2!!!!

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