Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Heh heh...

Aaaaah the wonderful inundation of commentary that follows the publication of a Loving Wives story.  Since this one is a two-parter I'm deliberately not reading the comments left on part one until I've finished and submitted the second part.  It can get too frustrating and make me feel unmotivated to write reading how annoyingly dumb some people are.  Especially since I fairly specifically laid out what is and is not in the story at the very beginning of it. I will never understand those people who don't like a certain category but always read the stories and leave negative feedback for them. Do they really think they're somehow making a "difference" by trying to force everyone else to proscribe to what they consider an acceptable sexual fantasy?  

I didn't realize everyone was supposed to be turned on by the exact same things.

How incredibly boring.

Anyway, that's my little rant of the moment. 

I didn't get much writing done this weekend... I went snow-tubing. And watched the Superbowl. Go Ravens!!!

I did have some major brainstorming going on though; lots of things gotten written down.  I've been working on the first chapter of Marriage Training and it's taking me longer to write than my usual Lit stories, and even then my books, because it's in a slightly different style than I usually do and there's a LOT of information going into it.  I ended up having this like, inspiration flash, for how to turn it into a book once it's done on Lit and then had more brainstorms for books to follow it. One book led to another led to another... this will definitely end up being available on Kindle. 

I would have liked to made Being the Maid available for Kindle, but I wouldn't have been able to get it to subscribe to Amazon's guidelines for allowable content without changing the story too much. The whole point of that one was that there had to be non-con stuff in it and Amazon doesn't allow that. So unfortunately that one will remain only available on Lit, as much as I would love to make it available for Kindle. But I think that Marriage Training is going to be just as well liked, if not more (I have to admit, it's already my new favorite series... LOL. Interesting how that happens with every new series, right?) and I'm really looking forward to finishing the first chapter and letting people get a look at it. I probably have enough that I could post a first chapter now but it would be a very short first chapter (Kind of like Submission Ch. 1) and people always seem annoyed by that so it just means that the wait's going to be a little bit longer. 

Anyway. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... back to cracking the writing whip for me!


  1. Can't wait to read marriage training!! Also.. How's the next Venus book going? I keep checking Dow news on it but see nothing.. That story inaction good. Anyway, keep it up girl!! Thank you for all the amazing stories!

    1. Venus Transcendent is... a little slow at the moment. I'm re-reading portions to make sure I've got everything straight now that I'm done focusing on Todd & Allison again =D Want to make sure I don't confuse the two!

    2. Speaking of which, I have really been enjoying the poker looser books so thank you for them :) I just miss my favorite trio.. Thank you for always working so hard though!!!