Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toy Review: The Natural Doubles Penetrator

So, I bought this after working on all the Venus stuff, thinking that hey... it's the perfect toy for fantasizing about DP right?

Well, it's okay... the main dildo is pretty great, although a tiny bit more length wouldn't have been amiss, but overall it's a nice piece. The one for the backdoor is a little too slender, not just because I wanted to get more feeling from it but also because it's actually a little difficult to insert because it has a tendency to bend while you're trying to do so.  Because of that, this is definitely a two-hands piece sometimes, it's not the easiest to use on yourself.

Over Valentine's Day I found that it can be quite nice when used ON you however.  Hubby went through my toys (and man did I get a LOOK when he found this one) and decided to give me a little bit of a foursome fantasy.  69 position combined with this toy and BAM, all three holes filled.  And he did a much better job of using this toy on me than I was able to do using it on myself.  It was hot. It felt great. And it was a lot more satisfying.

As a toy for self-pleasure it gets 2.5 out of 5 stars. As a couples toy, I'll give it 4 stars. You have to get a little creative with it, since there isn't any kind of clit stimulator and the anal dildo really should be thicker, but there's definitely some fun to be had. And Hubby said the visual was great.

I'm going to be working on Chapter 2 of Marriage Training today, I think I'm currently about 1/3 of the way through the chapter. Hoping to get a lot of work done today before the crazy work week starts up again tomorrow (yeah... no holidays during busy season, not even to celebrate the presidents... oh well!)

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