Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Title Compromise - What Do You Think?

Okay, so the series title - Domestic Discipline vs. Passion & Punishment - seems to be running fairly neck and neck, they keep switching off on which one is winning. Nobody likes Taming of the Wives (including me but I felt like there needed to be a third option and it did kind of amuse my Shakespearian fanaticism).

The book titles have been doing something similar, although it looks like His Reluctant Bride has edged ahead.  Still, as Tx pointed out to me, there's something very cheesy / Harlequin-y about those titles, and I have to admit that's part of why I thought they might appeal to people, and yet these are definitely not going to be Harlequin type romance books so it almost seems misleading.

Then I thought about... what if I combined them?

So the titles would be something like:

1. Birching His Bride
2. Dealing With Discipline
3. Spanking His Wanton Ward
4. Claiming His Wayward Wife

New poll to the left to see what you all think about that =)


  1. I really enjoy the titles! And I am sure the series will be a big hit... I bought "Childebride Island" and I felt like it was missing some chapters! I do enjoy your style because I tell us complete stories! I am glad you are out of town and having some fun... Hope you have a great week! (goodgirl from Lit)

  2. That's exactly how I felt about Childebride Island! I really liked it but it felt soooo incomplete at the end! The nice thing about being a writer is that I can take that and use it to motivate me to write the story that I wanted to read! ;)