Friday, February 8, 2013

Git 'er dun!!!!!!

I have hillbilly voice in my head. Go figure.

Anyway... the reason I haven't been posting blogs this week is two fold

1. It's busy season at my day job which means working overtime which means a lot less writing time for me

2. When I have had writing time, I've been working on stories!

This has led to me getting things done. ;)

I submitted the second part of Temptation and Punishment to Literotica a couple of days ago so hopefully that will be out sometime this weekend or next week. I'm hoping that now that the Valentine's Day contest is closed stories will be posted faster. I've noticed that it slows down during contest times, especially as the deadline approaches.  Finally got around to actually reading the comments instead of just glancing at the headlines and was rather fascinated.  Seems less people took issue with this particular submission than others. Always interesting to me.

In bigger news (in my opinion anyway just because I know that people are more excited about things that they've voted for) - I submitted Chapter 1 of Marriage Training this evening! So that should be out next week as well =)  Fair warning - there's no sex in it. It's more of an introduction to the characters and laying out what's going to happen in the story... I consider it the flirting glance that I send across the room to catch a man's eyes. Hey... hey you there... well hello... do you like what you see?  ;)

As I said, this is going to be a fairly involved story, I'm definitely going to be making it available (and extending it) for Kindle afterwards. Actually, truth be told, I'm writing both versions simultaneously. There's more to the story in my head than what I'll be putting out on Lit mostly because I'm going to be connecting it to another series that I want to write. That was part of my big brainstorming last weekend... started thinking about a new series and then realized that Marriage Training would fit right into it. The version going up on Lit is going to be awesome though, it's just that the version for Kindle will have a lot more to it (which is as it should be, since I have no choice but to charge for the Kindle ones).

Ok... getting back to work. Doing some entirely new things with Marriage Training... for this story I've been heavily influenced by Anne Randolph and Alice Liddell, particularly Alice Liddell's Childebride Island. We'll see how it goes!

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