Saturday, March 2, 2013

Out of Town

So, I actually wrote this post on Wednesday, which was my last day in town, before heading out of the country on Thursday for a wedding (woo!!!!).  I'll be back this week, but I wanted to make sure my blog didn't go totally bereft while I was away. I wasn't quite sure what to talk about and then I was like, well it's been awhile since I've done a free-write... look at the things that are going on in my head.

Obviously a lot of Victorian stuff. Although I'm slowly starting to feel the need to write more contemporary stuff too so I'm sure I'll get some stand-alone stories done while I'm working on Marriage Training.  I'm feeling the muuuuuuuuuuse. Plus, let's face it, the contemporary stuff is easier and faster for me. I had no idea how much effort was going to go into Marriage Training.  My other Victorian stuff (which you've been voting on for titles) is written in a slightly different style and seems to go faster... but on the other hand I feel like I'm getting a lot out of M.T.  It's both fascinating and challenging for me to try and write so descriptively and not to take one single character's point of view; it's been something I've been wanting to try for awhile but never quite seem to manage. So the whole style is very new to me.

I'm already thinking about how to adapt M.T. for Kindle too, because I think it will fit right in with a series I've been wanting to do that's a lot less about romance (Unlike the one I'm currently working on) and is more about limitless debauchery.  I've always been fascinated by the Victorian stuff because there was so much sexuality going on behind the scenes and I started thinking about the ton's penchant for adultery and orgies at house parties, the scandalous behavior at masquerades, wife auctions, molly houses, birchings and other punishments as perfectly normal forms of discipline for all members of the households, punishment enemas, etc. and started forming story lines around all of the most debauched practices. There are four books that I want to write, and I realized that M.T. would fit right into that world and so when it comes out on Kindle it will be adapted to reflect that and include some of the characters that will be appearing in the other books.  There will still be a little bit of romance between the characters, but it won't be the focus and there will be loving wives content, multiple partners in a lot of them, and partner swapping. I'm looking forward to it although right now it's mostly just ideas rolling around my head and my focus is on other things.

Venus is going slowly but it's going... while I'm away that's going to be my focus. It's definitely not going to be done early though; the characters are cooperating... sort of.  LOL. Damn Doms do that sometimes. Plus I'm re-reading parts of the previous books to make sure that I have everything correct before I try to wrap everything up, which also takes time.

Beginning With Birching (or whatever it ends up being called) will probably be published sometime in March. I've been working on it since August so it's been a long haul, which is why it's coming out before the last Venus book. I'll definitely be finishing the Venus series before the second Birching book comes out though. Woot!

Anyway. I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend... I'll do another update when I get back on how much I actually managed to get done writing-wise while I was away =)

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