Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Submission Chapter

So the final chapter of Submission is now available on Literotica =) So far people seem pretty happy (although I did have one person asking if it was the last chapter... um yes, that's why it says Conclusion! lol).  I can see where I could keep writing, but for the purposes of the story I think I'm done.  However, for Alanna and David fans, I have been asked by a publisher to write their story, but along the publisher's guidelines. Which is going to change the story a lot, actually, and I'm looking forward to it.

The beginning will be very similar, but for the book version they're actually going to be separated and have to find their way back together. People who wanted to see a more independent Alanna will probably enjoy it.  I'm working on that now and I'm rather excited to try their story from a different angle (more of a romance that straight out erotica).  Similar to my plans for Venus School, I have a few more books that I'd want to write - they'll be about other characters in the book that I'm going to be introducing (Ms. Bliss is one of them!) and we'll be able to see a little bit more about what happens with David and Alanna through the other characters. So I'm excited about that as well!

For now my focus is moving over to Venus School, which is only a few chapters away from completion, and I'm rather excited about that too.  That trio keeps doing unexpected things that surprise and delight me and make it a lot of fun to write about them. I can't wait to see how their next menage class goes, and I'm even more excited about what happens when they get home!

In the meantime... I'm still sick. Blah. But feeling slightly more focused today so I'm going to get right to working on my writing again... hopefully I'll have something submitted by the end of today!

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