Monday, June 25, 2012

Putting Myself In a Story

So I submitted Chapter 17 of Submission yesterday, I can't believe how close I am to finishing out this series for Lit. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to re-writing it as a BDSM romance and submitting it to a publisher. It's going to be different from my other re-writes, because it's not going to follow the same story line as what I have on Literotica, other than the very beginning (although even that's going to have a lot more information and some variances).  But it will have the same characters and I'm really glad that I don't have to let Alanna or David go quite yet.

I've gotten a little bit further on the next chapter of Venus School, but obviously my focus has mostly been on Submission.  After this I'll be more focused on Venus School.

I'm not sure why, but I have a lot of trouble concentrating on only writing one thing at a time. It's easier for me if I can switch back and forth between projects after awhile.  Yesterday, in between working on Venus and Submission, I started a new short story that I'll be posting on Lit when it's finished. The beginning is a dream that I started to have about Chris Hemsworth, the end of it will be the way the dream should have ended (in my humble opinion ;)

This work is pretty different because it's the first time I'm writing a piece that's starring myself.  A lot of the time I'll insert pieces of myself into my characters... lookswise especially. Many of my characters have big boobs and dark curls, hazel eyes, healthy but not slender figures.  And a lot of them are submissive but bratty (aren't I a treat?).  Alanna has my love of books. Allison (Poker Loser) had my sense of daring and adventure.  Diana (Allison's New Life) took on aspects of my more dominant side, which rarely gets to come out and play. Kerry (Wanna Bet?) had my curiosity. And sometimes I'll add elements of my husband into my characters too... David looks a lot like my hubby. I've had a lot more blonde male leads, period, ever since I met him. Jen and Alex (Alex's Anal Adventures) have so many physical similarities to my husband and I that it's kind of hilarious for me to re-read that one.

But this is the first time I star as myself, and am writing myself - both looks and personality - completely into a story.  It adds an element of vulnerability for me that I have never experienced before. And also a little bit of wondering whether it's really appropriate for Lit... will other people be able to relate? Will it turn them on? Or will it be what theater people term "actorbating" - i.e. acting for yourself rather than the audience. I have to admit, I find myself almost hesitant to share it because I feel like it would be a little rougher for me to read negativity about it. Constructive criticism never bothers me, but sometimes people write seriously mean feedback on stories without any kind of explanation or helpful words. Why? I have no idea.

Celebrity stories are not something I've done well with in the past. And they're definitely not something I would consider my forte. But this story is in my head, has been since I had my dream about Chris Hemsworth last week, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere until I get it out. So we'll see. If I don't put it up on Lit I'll def share it on here... but I'm hoping that I'll be brave enough to really put myself out there. Because I don't like backing down from challenges.

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