Friday, June 22, 2012

New For Kindle: Forced Bet (Poker Loser)

So I had a WTF moment this morning when I signed into my Lit account. I went to check and see if the next chapters of Submission and Venus School had been put out yet, and while the Venus School one had, Ch. 16 of Submission had vanished!!!! WTH?! Then I go and check "New Stories" and right under Venus School Ch. 17 is "Mastering Submission Ch. 16."

Umm... I can 100% guarantee that is NOT what I put in the title bar when I submitted the chapter. I check daily to see if my next chapters have posted yet, and yesterday it was listed as Submission Ch. 16.  So I sent a quick PM to the powers that be and hopefully can get that cleared up... but I'm wondering how on earth it happened in the first place! Hopefully people realize it's NOT me that did it.  It also reminds me of the Sunday chapter that I wrote for Venus School,  which I thought I had put in the Non-Erotic Category but ended up in Erotic Couplings. I thought I had just made a mistake, misremembered or something. Now I'm wondering if I did do it right and for some reason my stuff isn't going through the way it's supposed to.

That's a rather unsettling thought.  I'm hoping that things will be fixed and quickly. It's just really freaking weird.

At any rate... OMGoodness a lot going on today!

Ch. 17 of Venus School is out, as is Chapter 16 of Submission (just under the wrong name).

AND, Amazon has my re-write of Poker Loser (which is now titled Forced Bet and is the first book of the Poker Loser trilogy) now available!:

That was fast.  Came out much faster than I thought it would!!! I'm very happy with the way that it came out... if you liked the original and wanted to know more about both Todd and Allison as people and how they ended up playing that fateful game of Strip Poker, then you'll like this.

Here's my "book cover" description for it:

Allison, a snobby rich girl who has been raised to be a miniature version of her snobby rich parents, has a secret: she wishes for all the experiences that her lifestyle has kept her from having. Especially the sexual ones. When she drunkenly admits this secret to roguish, lower class, scholarship student Todd, several years older than her and much more experienced with life and sex, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of fantasy.

It all starts with a game of strip poker, and when competitive Allison finds herself with the losing hand she recklessly bets her own body for the night... and Todd uses the opportunity to videotape their activities and blackmail her with it, just the way she had told him she wished someone would. No longer constrained by her need to be the good daughter, "forced" into debauchery, every Friday night Todd takes her on a different "date," fulfilling one of the fantasies that she never dared admit to before.

As Allison learns about passion and sex, she finds herself starting to learn about falling in love too. But does Todd love her back? Or is he just enjoying having the game?

Forced Bet is 51,700 words long

I would love to get some feedback on for anyone who can take the time to write a review! And thanks for reading =)

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