Sunday, June 17, 2012

Venus School of Sex

So, after Poker Loser, Venus School of Sex is probably the most popular series that I've ever written. Obviously, it's not done yet but hopefully it'll stay that way as Jessica finishes out her last week of school =)

I really like the characters and I've had a lot of feedback about how people want to know more about what happens with Jessica, Justin and Chris after they return home.  My thoughts about them and the fact that I originally started the series knowing that I wanted to write more about Hilary, Jessica's best friend, and possibly about Nick, her main study buddy, led to my idea for a quartet called Venus Rising.

This is, obviously, not very far in the works yet... but I've got the basic ideas. It'll be written / made available on Kindle.

I'll start off with Venus School of Sex, I already know the edits and re-writes that I want to do, including more of Hilary in the book and what's going on back where Jessica, Justin and Chris live... Hilary's going to be the one to figure out that Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire work with Jessica. 

Venus Aspiring will be Jessica's story returning home.  I'm going to be writing 3 alternate endings for Literotica, this story will start with a fourth alternate "ending" where Hilary blows the lid on Justin and Chris after Jessica tells her all about Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire... who is rather hurt and embarrassed by what she sees as a deception by them. They're going to have to not only woo her in the real world, but try to figure out what kind of relationship is going to work for all of them.

Venus Desiring will be focused more on Hilary, although since she'll be spending a lot of time with my favorite trio, their story line will advance as well.  She's going to be learning a lot more about sex / BDSM just by being around them, and it's going to lead her into interesting parts of herself that she hadn't been aware existed.

Venus Transcendent will complete both of their stories, although I might write a few short novellas afterwards. 

I also want to write a story (or book, not sure which yet) about Paul and his quest for Fiona once he returns home, and I'll probably title it "Mars" something.  But I don't really have even a basic plot line figured out for that one next.

But yeah. That's where I'm planning on going for Venus School of Sex. Here's a basic timeline of summer goals that I have for myself on current projects:

June 30: Complete Submission for Literotica

July 1: Release Poker Loser for Kindle

July 15: Complete Venus School for Literotica

August 1: Release Allison's New Life for Kindle

August 15: Submit alternate plot line of Submission to publisher

August 30: Release Venus School for Kindle

We'll see how those go before I try to plan more goals for the future!!! I do also have another story that I'm working on, an erotic re-telling of Dracula, whenever I need to get into a different head space for a little bit, but I'm not setting a goal for that one at this point LOL. It's great for doing a different writing style so that my other stories don't start sounding too similar and I'm going to keep using it for that until it finishes organically.

Originally my blog today was going to be about the re-writing of Poker Loser, so I'll write that tomorrow and post a small teaser excerpt of some of the new writing for it. Like Office Play, it's changing a fair amount (for the better when it comes to plot line) as I do the re-write.


  1. I can't wait can we just skip to the end of August already I think it's great to do a story on nick and Fiona and maybe evn a short novella on Paul and chasity trying to make long distance what with all the remote control toys and Internet technology we have im sure some thing could be worked out. I think you have hit on a winner with this story and the idea of turning it into a series makes me so excited and impatient at the same time

    1. Haha I feel the same way! I wish that I could just translate what's in my head onto paper rather than having to type it all out and figure out how to describe everything with words... I'd been thinking about doing something for Paul and Chastity but I couldn't figure out how to since they're long distance. Duh... internet! I'm so dense sometimes. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm adding it to my list =)

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