Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New for Kindle... Exclusively Anal

This is a short compilation that is now available on Kindle, and it's the first that I've done that has several all new stories which will not be published / available anywhere else rather than just re-vamped / extended stories (although it has a few of those too)

Exclusively Anal:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0088TNWQY

Woooooooo! I'm rather excited about it =) I really enjoyed writing the three new stories, they got pretty interesting.

The first one is called Party Games and it's about a husband and wife, Ryan and Ana, who really like to play with the backdoor.  Before every party they go to they have a ritual that includes some fingers and anal-lingus before Ana gets plugged.  During the party Ryan uses the vibrator in the plug to drive Ana wild until they sneak off to fulfill their desires and finish their 'game.'

From Porn To Reality is about a girl named Penny who has just moved in with her boyfriend Josh.  When her computer goes on the fritz she doesn't think anything of using his while he's at work.  Out of random curiosity she looks at his Favorites list and discovers that Josh has a fantasy he's been hiding from her.  When Josh comes home and catches Penny scrolling through everything on his computer, she has to decide whether or not to indulge her new curiosity.

My Best Friend's Sister: Luke practically grew up with his best friend James and James' annoying little sister Violet.  Three years younger than the boys, she was the bane of their existence.  When Violet returns from her first year away at college, Luke accidentally ends up as a voyeur to her anal masturbation while she cries out his name. Will he risk his friendship to give Violet the birthday present she wants from him?

So yeah. This were a lot of fun to write... it was hard not to share them on Literotica, but I feel like if I'm going to be publishing stuff on Kindle then I need to make it worth paying a couple of dollars for it and that means having material that's not available anywhere else.

The other stories available on Kindle is the re-vamped and extended Office Play and a collection of short erotic stories that have also include some re-writes / extensions. And I'll be working on some more stuff to make available on Kindle =)

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