Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike

Yesterday I submitted Chapter 19 of Venus School and Chapter 1 of Sarah's Private Dick.  I think that Venus School got pretty hot... I tried hard considering that my favorite trio took a more expected sexual position for a Menage this time, my goal was to try and keep it kind of new and fresh despite that. Hopefully I succeeded =)  She also has a conversation with Nick. I like that kid a lot.  Definitely going to do something with him at some point.

I'm really happy with the first chapter of Sarah's Private Dick too, even though there's (gasp!) no sex.  I know, I started out Submission with no sex as well, but there's barely a hint of sex in this one and it's MUCH longer than the first chapter of Submission. In fact, the most interaction between the two main characters is over the phone. But I had a lot of story to set up. And character to develop. Tension to build. =) Overall I think that people will like it hopefully, but I did warn that there would be no sex in the first chapter. Probably not in the second either. But I think I may have another two favorite characters coming up in this. They make me happy.

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God is out on Literotica today. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Even if it's just "Wow Angel, you are a silly, crazy person and I'm not entirely sure I believe you're that weird" (trust me I am).

NOW. On to the title of this post. I went to see Magic Mike last night... the first thirty minutes of the movie I was like yes, this is awesome, holy crap did you see that body roll that Channing Tatum just did where he was humping down against the stage, I want to be under him! Also... got a lot of Channing Tatum ass shots.  Without the thong. One was within the first five minutes of the movie... you would think this would guarantee a good movie, but unfortunately there was plot. And the plot was... a little long. To me, the main relationship wasn't developed enough, and at the same time the rest of the plot took too long. It dragged a little. Pacing was weird.

 Unfortunately it did end up mattering what the movie was about. More than I expected it to. However... the parts where there was sexy dancing and hilarity were great.  Also, someone they don't show, was Kevin Nash.  Whom I recognized immediately. Which makes me cool. Just saying.

Overall it just wasn't what I expected. I think if they had shown more of the plot during previews it would have bothered me as much, but what I got from the previews was - 1. stripping 2. love story. But there's another story going on in there, about how the lifestyle of stripping turns to drugs, drinking, etc. and it ends up taking up most of the time. It was rather depressing. Which... is not what I thought would happen when I watched the movie. They almost made up for it with the ending.

I would like to take the first thirty minute and the last fifteen and squish them together. Oh, and add a sex scene. THAT would be a good movie. To me =) Or, at least, it would be more of the movie that I saw advertised.

Speaking of advertisements... whoever decided to do two previews of INCREDIBLY SCARY MOVIES before Magic Mike is a dumbass and an asshole.


  1. I just read your Chris Hemsworth short and omg!!! I loved it! Which forced me to stalk you a bit so I could tell you how awesome it was! I actually wanted more by the end.

    1. LOL aw well thank you!!! It was a super fun story to write, and I knew that people were going to want more but I kinda like leaving it open ended so that in everyone's head it can go to a diff place =) and, honestly, cuz I actually hate reading the movie-star / rock star / famous people romances, so I didn't want to get too involved in writing one LOL. But I had fun with my little foray =) and Chris Hemsworth is just... delicious.