Sunday, July 1, 2012

Incest/Taboo and Requests

Okay... so first things first. Chapter 19 of Venus School is out on Literotica =) I'm about halfway through Chapter 20, writing wise. YAY! Although it's making me a little sad cuz so many people in the story are depressed about having the week of school end.  But I'm also really excited for Chapter 21... when Jessica goes home! Also, the first Chapter to my new series, Sarah's Private Dick is also out. It doesn't have any sex in it, but those of you who like the longer plot lines will (I hope) enjoy it. 

Anyway... moving on to my main topic of the day, because I've had two recent requests for some interesting Incest/Taboo story lines.  I submitted one yesterday because it was a stand alone story. Nice and easy to write and flowed rather well.  The next one is going to be my next series.

This category always fascinates me, mostly because it's not a fantasy I've ever had but it's hands down the one I get the most requests for.  And the one I originally had the most trouble writing for.  When I first started writing in the category it was because I had entered the Survivorphile contest and had to try my hand at writing in every category (although I could and did enter the lottery to get out of writing in some categories, I needed that for the audio / illustrated categories because I didn't have any audio equipment or good pictures).  The first few times I tried writing in it, everybody getting it on was a step-relation.  After awhile I just started leaving the step off and writing the same kind of story.

The forbidden part of the story seems to be what interests people, as far as I can tell. The reluctance, the seduction, the struggle to do something that the characters know isn't right.  But it's not as violent (usually) as the Non-Consent category, and there's more of a struggle than there is with Mind Control. It's not my kink, but I try to fulfill the requests that I get.

My trick for writing them? I picture them as Hentai characters rather than real people. Which is probably why my Incest/Taboo stories tend to have more force in them than a lot of people like. Because I'm not picturing real people LOL.

Yesterday I submitted one of my few Incest/Taboo stories where there isn't force. I'm kind of curious what the response will be. The reader request was rather fascinating (to me), about a brother and sister who were home-schooled and so sheltered by their parents that when left alone for a weekend they end up exploring each other's bodies and having sex without really knowing what they were doing.  I thought that was a really interesting set-up and not at all my usual, which made it fun (the series I'll be writing next is more along the lines of my usual, but with a few twists and I'm actively working with the requesting party to put it together, which makes it fun and challenging in a whole new way for me)

The standalone, A Little Knowledge, should be out in a couple of days, but for fun, here's an excerpt:

"Want to play doctor?" he asked hopefully.

Doctor was a game that they'd started years and years ago, like most little boys and girls, giggling over the differences in their anatomy. But they hadn't played doctor in years.  It was a half remembered game for them, one from their childhood that they hadn't been able to continue playing as they'd gotten older, knowing, with that sure instinct of naughty children, that if they were caught, their parents wouldn't approve. Not at all. So they hadn't played.

Heather lit up.  Doctor had been one of her favorite games growing up, and playing an old game seemed the perfect way to get closer to her big brother again. Mom had gotten possessive of her as she'd gotten older, and while she loved spending time with her mother, she missed her brother.  Now they could return to the times when they'd been so close growing up. And she had the perfect suggestion to make.

"Can we play new doctor?"

"New doctor?" her brother asked, perplexed.

Heather nodded, her blonde pony-tail bobbing eagerly.  She looked so cute in her pink button down shirt and white linen slacks. "I went to a new doctor last week remember? Because I'm a woman now."

"Oh yeah," Blake remembered that, although he hadn't realized that there was anything new about this kind of doctor. "Did they do things differently?"

Giggling, Heather nodded. "Lots! Come on, I'll show you."

Within twenty minutes Heather was wearing nothing but her bathrobe - which was the closest she could get to the thin paper robe that the doctor had provided - belted in the front and Blake had her lying back on a Lazy boy chair, her pretty slim legs draped over the arms of the chair, spreading her thighs.  As Blake looked down at his sister's naked legs, he could feel his penis stirring... it did that sometimes although he wasn't always sure why.  At night sometimes he would wake up to the most wonderful feeling... but when he'd tried to ask his father about it,  his dad had just told him that they'd have the talk someday and that, in the meantime, he shouldn't touch himself to try and make that wonderful feeling happen.

"Okay, so now you open my robe and you massage my breasts." 

Blake flipped open his sister's robe, exposing the creamy ivory mounds tipped with sweet pink nipples.  Now his penis was swelling inside of his pants, making him uncomfortable... he wanted... something. He didn't know what. 

"Like this?" he asked, reaching out and grabbing both of them, one in each hand. They were soft and yet firm, he squeezed them and rubbed them as if he was rubbing her shoulders. Heather let out a little moan that sounded so nice.

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