Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost Done with Venus!

Today I finished and submitted the second to last chapter of Venus School... it's going to be so hard to say goodbye to Jessica, Chris and Justin! Although of course I'm not really saying a complete goodbye since I'm going to be working on a follow-up Kindle eBook for them, but at the same time it does make me sad to know that I'm finishing the series.

Continuing to work on finished up Venus School and also on the next chapter of Sarah's Private Dick =)

Kind of amused at the age controversy that's apparently surrounding A Little Knowledge right now.  That one came out FAST! I've known a lot of people who were incredibly naive all the way through high school, and they weren't even sheltered like the two main characters were.  I still remember having to argue with my best friend, when she was fifteen, because she would not believe me that a blow job was the same thing as sucking dick.

By the way, her demonstration of what she thought a "blow" job consisted of cracked me up and probably would have horrified any guy that she tried it on LOL.

And she wasn't even home schooled =P

Not that there aren't plenty of people who are home schooled who aren't ignorant at all. But I have also seen home schooling used in an abusive kind of sheltering way, in which the children seriously were not socialized and had no idea how to interact with people outside of their own family. Personally I find it sad, but it was also part of what drew me to this particular reader's request. My opinion is that too much sheltering and not enough knowledge can lead to unforeseen consequences, because people like to experiment. And sometimes we just do things, knowing that we shouldn't.

At any rate, it was an interesting story to write and the responses that it's garnering are fascinating to me. My next series, once I'm done with Venus School, is also going to be Incest/Taboo, by a reader request.  That one should be really interesting, although hopefully people are kinder in their comments about the sexiness of the fantasy, because she's actually messaging me rather often with ideas and ways to round out her fantasy.

It makes it interesting and keeps me from having the same character over and over =) Nice to be able to branch out and try some new things!

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