Thursday, July 5, 2012

Foot in Mouth


Okay, so I think I've mentioned before how sometimes characters can take on a life of their own and do things that I don't expect?

Well after I wrote that whole blog yesterday about how I wasn't going to do alternate endings for Venus School because I couldn't see the characters doing anything but the one ending that I had originally planned for them anyway, Chris and Justin got all insulted that I thought they weren't each good enough on their own and had to go about proving me wrong.  Jessica and I both feel like Ado Annie from Oklahoma, we cain't say no... but I did limit their individual times and told them that they had to be quick about getting their solo careers in, because this chapter was already taking plenty long for me to write!

So that's what I'm working on, almost exclusively today. I'm about halfway through the last chapter.  If I finish it I'll start working on Chapter 3 of Sarah's Private Dick - Chapter 2 is now available on Literotica. Still no sex, but the story line is moving right along and things are definitely getting steamier.

Here's a little excerpt from what I have so far on the conclusion for Venus School:

Jessica had never been more relieved than when Greg was pulled away from her.  Obviously more than a little drunk, he’d been getting more and more handsy, and Hilary had been too involved in what looked like actual fun dancing with Bryan to notice immediately. And Jessica hadn’t wanted to ruin the good connection for her friend, so she’d been trying to keep it quiet.

As she looked up at the broad shoulders in front of her, the dark wavy hair of the man who had come to her rescue, Hilary was suddenly standing at her side, babbling apologies for not noticing sooner what was happening.

“Back off,” she heard her rescuer say, and Jessica froze.  That silhouette… that voice… When he turned and looked down at her with those commanding dark eyes, she knew for sure.

“Flood,” she whispered.  Although it was far too loud for him to have heard her over the music, it was obvious that he knew what she had just said, that she recognized him.

Her entire world turned over in a series of flip flops, sizzling in her stomach.  Not only did she recognize him as Mr. Flood, but she realized that he worked with her too. She’d seen him and another devastatingly handsome guy hanging out with her work crowd at happy hours before… oh my god, that must have been Fire. The first instinct was to look around for Fire, wondering if he was here too… he couldn’t be far away, the two of them were such a team. Surely if Mr. Flood was here than Mr. Fire was as well.

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  1. Am an avid fan of this fantastic series and the hotter than hot chemistry between the three. The pacing has been supberb and you done an amazing job creating suspense! Thanks for the excerpt. Looking forward to the last chapter.