Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gentleman's Maid Free On Kindle Today!

So, partly in response to the anonymous commenter who was incensed that I deleted their comment... I just want to say that I don't delete comments unless they're calling me names.  Even if a comment doesn't have any constructiveness to it, I still don't delete it.  I have never deleted a comment from the blog and I haven't deleted a comment from Literotica since... well I can't remember when.  But if you think you left a comment and it's not showing up, then it's not me.

Anyway. Consequences Ch. 5 is now available on Literotica. 

And I've made Gentleman's Maid available for download - today is its free promotion day!  Please leave feedback (I promise I won't delete it ;)  I wrote a short extra chapter as an ending for it that is not available on Literotica (and won't be).

Doing the formatting to change a story that I've already written takes a lot less time than writing new ones, which is nice because I can get some of the ones that I want to make available on ebooks out pretty quickly. But it does take away some of my writing time as well. *sigh* Trying to balance it out!  I'm getting soooooo close to being done with Back in the Game, hopefully I'll be done with that by the deadline I set myself (July 31) and Venus Rising is coming along quite nicely.

So I'm going to get to it!

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