Monday, July 9, 2012

Lady Peasant & Venus School

I did not get quite as much writing done as I might have liked this past weekend because I gave into peer pressure. By which I mean, reader pressure ;)  I spent most of my time formatting and editing Venus School for Kindle and guess what? I finished it. So that should be out for Kindle in a couple of days (although, don't forget, I will run a free promotion for it after it comes out). 

The inserts (nothing big) and new ending can be found here.

Why the change to the ending on Literotica? Well, here's the thing, while I do think the story could have gone the way it did on Literotica, I also think that it could have gone badly for the two men because, in the end, they were deceiving Jessica the entire time that she was there. If I were her, I'd be kind of pissed about that.  So Venus Aspiring, the next book for Kindle, will be about Justin and Chris actually having to romance and woo her and also about their struggles to be a threesome in real life. Because I love Menage books but it drives me nuts when I read the ones where all the friends and family members happily accept the threesome and no one thinks it's even a little weird, much less immoral or wrong. I don't buy that.  They're going to have to fight for their relationship and fight to have it accepted by the other people in their lives.

So that's what's going to be going on with the Venus Rising Series.

Now, as a special promotion, today you can get Lady Peasant on for free:

What I do ask is that you please leave feedback on some of the e-books that you're buying! It's the best thing you can do for me and it makes it worth it for me to do the free promotions, because it brings me to the attention of and the more people that download my books and then leave a review, the better they market me.  Plus I'm trying to tempt you with a personal incentive that if I get five reviews on any of my e-books (even if they're nothing but 1 star and "this book sucks" - although of course I hope that's not the case ;) I'll post a sexy pic on the blog. More specifically - naked booty pic.

I received an email asking if I would be making the Wanna Bet series available on Kindle - absolutely.  And everything that I convert to Kindle from Literotica I will run the free promotion for and they will all be priced at 99 cents after the promotion, which is the lowest I can charge for them. At the moment I am already planning on making Gift of the Goddess, To Spank a Schoolgirl, and Gentleman's Maid available on Kindle as well.  If there are any stories / series on Literotica that you would love to have on your Kindle, just let me know and I will make it available (although it does take me some time to do the formatting so it won't be right away, but definitely less than a month).

So that's what's going on today... I'll let you know when Venus School's free promotion runs!

Also, special thanks to Queen who has left me reviews on 2 different e-books so far - I think you'll enjoy the Venus School's dedication page when it comes out ;)

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