Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Yay Fourth of July! One of my favorite holidays. I love fireworks. And funnel cake. And watching Will Smith punch out an alien.  Ever since that movie came out I always have the President's Independence Day speech stuck in my head all day on the fourth =) Lots of fun!

Sooooo... I have inadvertently created confusion for people who don't read my blog. Venus School Chapter 20 is out and a lot of people are already asking that it not be the last chapter... oops.  I should have written an author's note or something at the end of it, but since I always (at least I think almost always) put the word "conclusion" in the story description anytime I write a last chapter I thought people would understand. But then I realized that the story description says "last class" which can be kind of ambiguous. Oops.

Something for fun... I've started to create new "pages" for my blog. If you look up at the top of my blog it now says "Home" and then next to it says "Poker Loser Trilogy" and "Venus Rising Series". If you're ever curious about what's going on with those Kindle books, you can just click on those pages for updates. =) This is me trying to streamline my blog and make it more interesting / easier to find the things that people might want. Yay!

If you ever have any suggestions or think that you know of a better way, please email me! ( I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I'm still trying to figure things out.

Have a safe and happy holiday Americans! For those of you who aren't, have a great Hump day!

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