Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sarah's Private Dick Ch. 6

So, I tried to submit Sarah's Private Dick to Literotica last night, but I guess they were still doing work on it or something. At any rate, I decided that means that my blog readers get another special treat today... I was going to write about some stuff that I've been reading lately, but instead you can just read Chapter 6 here.

There's no sex in the chapter, it turned into mostly plot. Despite my intention for them to have sex. But Sarah wanted a cliffhanger and I don't argue with Sarah. Derrick might be an alpha male but I can push him around with my little finger when I feel like it. Sarah's the troublemaker. He might come up with a surprise now and then, but she's the one who digs in her heels and won't follow directions.

Of course, if you read it now that means you'll have an even longer wait for Chapter 7... which might possibly be the last chapter to the series. Possibly. If the characters cooperate. Which only one of them really has been. But I can't blame Sarah, she's going through a lot right now. It's not surprising that she'd want some control over her situation.

Consequences is still going to be going on though. I thought it was going to be the shorter series, to be honest, but Uncle Max is really stringing things out.  He's got a lot more self control than I thought, and I have about as much luck getting him to do what I want as Jenny does. She's upping the ante though, in the next chapter which I submitted yesterday and should (hopefully) be out in the next couple of days. If the person who left the marriage proposal on the previous chapter is reading this blog - sorry but I'm already happily married and hubby and I aren't into sharing. But thanks! =)

After Sarah's Private Dick is over I'm probably going to do a couple of stand alone story requests that I've gotten, people have sent in some interesting ones. And then I think I'm going to try and finish either From Terra or Witch. Probably the latter, because I really didn't give the former much of a story line. Those are just kind of me getting out my ideas for weird sex.  Which is fun but I have to be in the mood for that. It'll probably be one of those ones that I never finish, just give a peek into the character's life every now and then.

So that's what's up. Enjoy your illicit look at SPD Ch. 6. Hopefully Literotica will be back up and running and let me submit today!


  1. Thanks for deleting my comments.
    It's very typical that fuck writers beg for feedback, then when they get it they delete them.
    You'll no doubt delete this one too.

    1. I haven't deleted a single comment on Literotica or on my blog, so not sure what you're talking about... maybe it didn't go through, but that's def not my fault.

  2. If you can't say anything helpful, why say anything at all? And why so angry about free gifts? As for deleting's Angel's world, and you just get to visit here. Keeping unhelpful and hurtful "feedback" out is essential to preserve creativity and joy in the process. Beating an artist does not facilitate art. Love your work, Angel, and I appreciate your generosity and openness.

  3. Actually, my original comment was regarding the article on characters coming to life outside of the story and deviating from the plot the author had predestinied for them. I praised Angel's characterisation. Then I remarked that some of her stories seemed rushed, a criticisim that was presumably deemed unworthy of "Angel's world".

    There was nothing unhelpful or hurtful in my post.

    As for being angry about free gifts... I would like Angel to answer that question. What about my post angered you so much you had to get rid of it, and now apparently blame "gremlins" for its disappearance?

    Angel, I checked my message after posting it. I saw it here on the board. I saw the comment count increase to 3. I know what I saw. If you truly did not delete the message, then I am sorry. But it is very suspicious that my message vanished from the board.

    1. Sorry but I don't really know what to tell you.

      I received this comment in an email:


      I came to your blog after reading some of your stories on Literotica. I'm surprised I hadn't seen them before.

      No, it's not strange that your characters take on a life of their own. It fact, it's a good sign. You've crafted them so well, imbued them with so much personal identity, that they have taken a life of their own separate from the plot.

      I write (or wrote, I don't anymore) a series based around a single character, and she often surprised me with what she would do, or say. And her rival seemed to buck against the narrative bonds I chained her with.

      Anyway, I perused a few of your stories. I was particuarly drawn to the slavery ones, but I got the impression you didn't enjoy them as much as your more personal stories. New To Slavery was well written, but each chapter was all too brief. But I guess authors hate getting those kinds of criticisms...

      Congrats on selling your work on Amazon. My former female boss used to read her kindle all the time, now I'm imagining she's reading your stories. :) "

      I receive an email for every comment someone makes. I immediately clicked on the link to take me to the comment so that I could respond and thank you (if this was you) for your kind words, say that I used to write much briefer chapters but that I've been trying to develop my writing skills, and ask where I might be able to find some of your writing, if it was on Literotica or not.

      I was rather disappointed when I arrived at my blog to find that the comment was gone, and I assumed that the writer had deleted it for some reason, which made me rather sad. However, obviously, I kept the email I received about it.

      You don't have to believe me, but if that was your comment then I never deleted it (why would I?) and if it's not then I never received an email for it so it probably didn't go through for some reason.