Friday, July 6, 2012

Special Treat for my Blog Followers!

So I think half of the point of having a blog is being able to reward the fans / readers who are particularly dedicated and who make what I do worth it.

I've posted the first alternate ending of Venus School of Sex here (clicky).  The entire last chapter has been submitted to Literotica, but it won't be out for a couple of days (it always takes at least that long, sometimes longer over the weekend) so I wanted to do something for all of you who have been so supportive of me and saying such nice things about this series! It really means a lot.

I want to make reading this blog worth it, so the other thing I'm doing is letting you know about my promotions... when Venus School comes out for Kindle I will announce it and also run a promotion to make it free for the first couple of days. Someone asked me if I will be charging for the subsequent Venus Series books.  The answer is yes I will cuz a girl's gotta earn some dough and this is part of how I've chosen to supplement my living, but I will also run the free promotion for the first day that they're each made available... and of course make sure that this blog is duly updated =)

In that spirit, tomorrow you will be able to download my erotic short stories for free.  They're revised and expanded, but not entirely new works.  Unfortunately I can't do this with all of my stuff, but I can with the short story compilation and I will with future works. And as long as you're keeping up with the blog, I'll make sure you know about it!


  1. Omg. You are a saint. I hate how you have to wait agonizing days after an author posts a new chapter for it to finally appear on literotica.

  2. Woo hoo!! Loved your sat surprise. Wasnt expecting the twist. The story is good though I think the chemistry is hotter with the other guy or all 3 together. You know who can be playful 11 is one of my faves. Blackberries!!!! Anyway still appreciated the story. Excited to see the rest. __jml