Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Quickie w Release Goals

Quickie update because I'm focused mostly on getting writing done...

Still waiting for Literotica to release Marriage Training Ch. 4.  It was submitted on Friday so really, hopefully, any minute now.

I submitted another story over the weekend (a stand-alone) called Surprising His Sitter.  Not the usual 18 year old virgin sitter being caught by the Dad... at least I hope not.  And not just because I made the sitter 21.  It's in the Erotic Couplings category, which is not one I spend much time in but I think I needed a little bit of a break from all the BDSM, domestic discipline and general naughtiness.  It allowed me to clear my head... and also relax a little because the plot was not nearly as involved.  I think my next series after Marriage Training is going to be a little easier on my brain.  Right now everything I'm writing is so plot heavy... I need a bit of a break.  Which is why I wrote the standalone, to give me a mini-break.

Venus Transcendent is going well, I'll be posting a new teaser here on the blog by this weekend. Choosing a teaser is not actually all that easy.  Wanna give some new information without giving too much away...

And Dealing With Discipline is also going well, although more slowly since I'm not as focused on it. One of the Amazon reviews on Birching His Bride was complaining that it was a double cliffhanger, but to be honest I didn't really see it that way.  Eleanor had a revelation that kind of started a new part of her story.  Also, I specifically wanted Dealing with Discipline to be about both of the couples (Eleanor and Edwin; Irene and Hugh) because Irene and Hugh are going to be out in the country for their honeymoon for the first half of the book and continuing Eleanor and Edwin's story allows me to also show what's going on in London while they're away.  Which is important to future storylines.  So everything's done for a reason.

Anyway, I've got some newer goals for when things are going to be released based off of the amount of writing that I've been getting done now that my day job's busy season is slowing down and I'm no longer working overtime:

Venus Transcendent: First week of May

Dealing with Discipline: June

Stronghold (Master Adam's book): Late July / Early August

Seduction by Spanking (Domestic Discipline Book 3): Late August / Early September

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  1. Yay! Delighted to hear Venus Transcendent will be out soon, really looking forward to that. Your teaser tweet really got me going.