Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Story on Lit & Venus Teaser

Surprising His Sitter is now available on Literotica.  I tried to keep it from being cliché and so far the comments on it seem pretty happy with how it came out =)  Have to admit, it was nice to do something that wasn't at all BDSM and that had some give and take on who was in charge.  I've been writing so much of that lately!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand speaking of which... Venus Transcendent teaser.  I always waiver back and forth between posting a plot tease or a hot sexy tease.. today I decided to go with the sexy tease. 


"Do not cum until we tell you to," Justin said, his voice sounding almost darkly cruel in her blindness.  She whimpered, her hips wagging back and forth, wishing that Chris would touch her pussy.  Although she knew that she could cum from anal stimulation alone it took much longer and was liable to drive her crazy she was already so hot for it.

"She's so tight back here," Chris said, dipping his fingers deeply into her asshole, all the way up to his knuckles.  "I don't think we've been fucking this sweet ass enough."

"Well that's easy enough to fix."

Both men chuckled and Jessica shuddered, the wickedness in their voices was almost like a caress over her sensitive skin.  Fingers played across her shoulders and her body reacted as if Justin had touched her breasts.  Every inch of her skin had been so sensitized by the flogging that she felt every brush as being sexual, sensual. It was as if they were teasing her, touching her everywhere but where she truly needed it. The fingers pumping in and out of her ass were practically mocking her, so close to what she needed and yet not quite it. 

But with Justin's cock filling her mouth she couldn't even beg. 

Then the fingers left and she was empty, so horribly empty, filled with darkness inside and out.  The moment seemed to drag and then a hot, hard cock prodded her anus, pushing into the small gaping opening that his fingers had left behind.  Jessica writhed as the slick head of Chris' cock popped into her empty space, her body clutching at him eagerly, wanting to be filled in as many ways possible. 

Her throat seemed to open even more, allowing Justin to push deeper as her back arched and her head came up, her ass burning as the thick rod of Chris' length opened it up.  Although he sank in fairly slowly, he didn't work himself back and forth to give her time to get used to the penetration; instead he just pushed himself in inch by excruciating inch as she spasmed and convulsed around him.

It hurt.

So good.

The burn seemed to stab so deeply that she could feel it up into her chest, meeting the rawness of her throat as Justin used her from the other end.  Yes, yes, yes... please...

Lifting her hips, she tightened as Chris began to withdraw, the sensation of him receding from her needy hole making her feel almost panicked as he teased her by pulling completely out.  Then he was shoving back in.



She screamed, her fingers digging into the couch, voice muffled by the swollen cock that pressed down on her tongue.  The burning in her bottom intensified as Chris gripped her buttcheeks hard and began to fuck her ass like it was her soaking pussy, showing no mercy. 

It was exactly what her body craved, needed, and she shook with heady exaltation as the tension in her belly curled and heated.  The sloppy noise of sex filled her ears, the slurp of her mouth, the groans of the men, the slap of Chris' body against her fact.  All she could smell, sense, feel, was the fucking, the physical need that the three of them created together.

Nothing had ever felt so wonderfully right than to be used by both her men, a vessel for their pleasure even as they brought her to heights of ecstasy.

The strokes in and out of her mouth slowed, becoming shallower, despite the fact that she was sucking even more enthusiastically than before.  She realized that Justin was close to the edge and was denying her the creamy treat that she so badly wanted.  The angle of his body said that he was leaning forward, watching Chris penetrate her ass over and over again. 

The pace that Chris was setting was almost brutal as his lubed cock pounded in and out of her back door, the friction making her abused anus feel like it was on fire in the most delicious way possible.  Small tremors shook her, traveling throughout her entire body.

"Slow down or she's going to cum," said Justin.

Jessica tried to yell out a muffled protest as Chris obeyed, angling his body to provide a different sort of stimulation, changing the way the penetration felt so that she couldn't quite pass over the edge.

"Bad girl," murmured Chris. "Trying to cum before you were told to."


  1. I have missed these guys so much!
    I love pretty much everything you write, but Venus has a special place in my heart. I can't wait for the book, although it is bitter sweet knowing it will be the end of the story. Also it sounds like it'll be coning out close to my birthday, so I'm just super excited!

    1. Yeah I've missed them too!!! They're just spilling out all over the place, it's amazing how quickly the book is coming along, although it's a LONG book too so it's not anywhere near finished yet. I have to admit, I think part of the reason I conceived of the "Stronghold" series which will follow this is so that I could continue to visit with Jessica, Justin, Chris, Hilary and Liam as I found happiness for their friends. And I'm really excited about doing that as well.

      When's your birthday? I'll make a special effort to ensure it's out by then if it's at all possible =)

    2. Yeah, I'm super excited for the Stronghold series too.
      My birthday is May 3rd, so I figured it is a little early to expect the book. That's very sweet of you though :) not gonna complain if it's out then!!!

    3. Well no promises but I'll try my best!