Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why's the Sex Gone?

Because so far there is none going on in Marriage Training LOL.  I hope that people don't mind that.  And it's going to be awhile before there actually is any intercourse.  Chapter 4 isn't quite as exciting as I have a feeling many people were hoping, (although there is a spanking and an orgasm in it) because I needed to set up how Vivian's training is going to work.  The good news is that I now have pretty much all the exposition done (and it only took me four chapters... gee...) and the pacing should pick up substantially because I don't need to do as much explanation.

I am planning on making Marriage Training into a Kindle book, and part of the reason the chapters are taking so long is that the Kindle book is going to have a lot of extra information / scenes in it... and I'm writing the book concurrently with the Lit story and just deleting all the extra Kindle stuff before submitting it to Lit.  And there IS a lot more sex in the version for Kindle... it's just not Vivian (or Gabriel) that's getting it ;) wooooo mystery!!!! lol. 

Yesterday I focused almost exclusively on MT until I finished chapter 4 so that I could submit it... and then I decided to give my brain a break and work a bit of the standalone story that I mentioned has been running around my head.  It's giving me a chance to refresh my brain before diving back into the stuff that I've been working on... the longer books are harder because there's so much information that I have to keep in mind.  Doing a quick story that's not connected to anything else is like taking a little break, but while still being productive.

I do feel like I'm making pretty good progress in Venus...  I've gotten several chapters written over the past week and a half, which is a really great amount of work for that time frame, and (even more importantly) I've been able to re-write the outline to my satisfaction.  Because the outline that I originally had no longer fit the way the characters and story had developed.  So now I finally have my road map laid out again, and since it's the last book there's less of a chance of them deviating from it. It's going to be a fairly long book, going by the outline, but I'm hopeful to have it done in early May if I keep up the same amount of progress that I've had recently.

So all good news!!! Chapter 4 of Marriage Training should be out sometime next week and I'll also post a new teaser for Venus sometime next week as well.  Some work is being done on Dealing With Discipline, but obviously not quite as much as for the other two projects.  Plus I just posted stuff for that earlier this week (see previous blog post).

Take care and have a great weekend!

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