Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank You Contest Suggestions!

Thank you everyone that's been sending me contest suggestions =)  My creative juices are flowing in ENTIRELY new ways and even if I don't use the idea you sent me for a contest story I'm writing them all down and may use them in later stories for Lit just for fun!  Some seriously good ideas have been sent to me, things I would have never come up with on my own and I'm really looking forward to bringing them to life!  I have a feeling that what I write will be a combination of a couple different ideas sent by different people that just happen to go well together =)

I really appreciate the help/support as both of these categories were making me feel boring since I couldn't come up with anything new for myself and it's made a maaaaaajor difference to get feedback from all of you =) I've noticed that more people feel comfortable emailing me with their suggestions that commenting on the blog which I totally understand, but just want to say that I haven't seen a bad idea yet!

Anyway, working my ass off on Venus... I have no idea whether or not I'm going to have it done by this upcoming weekend but I'm going to try really hard. Was out of town the past weekend... may blog a funny story about that when I get a chance... and I didn't get as much done writing-wise as I would have liked but I did end the weekend feeling super refreshed and ready to get my butt moving on life in general so here's hoping I can have the magic fingers and pump out words at a record rate!!!!  I'm feeling SUPER motivated, as I often due when I'm getting close to a "due" date so I'm having trouble focusing on anything but Venus. I wish that I could have this super focus in general, but it only seems to happen when I'm coming up on a deadline. Ah well. It means that I get to write a bunch of different stuff the majority of the time and that's fun too.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! And please, don't hesitate to send me a contest suggestion if you think of something, I haven't finalized any ideas yet and I'm still muling over details, characters and plots, although I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to do =) Woo!

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