Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recent Conversations & An Update

Me: Ok Hubby. After I give birth to your babies, I expect a 'push present'.
Friend: And it better be in a Tiffany's box.
Hubby: I don't nkow how we would fit 'me not leaving you' into a Tiffany's box.

Me: I'm nauseous again.
Hubby: Pregnant!
Me: *LOOK OF DEATH* Can't be, I'm bleeding.
Hubby: Your uterus is playing a trick on you.
Me: I will kill you.

Me: I wonder what my weird pregnancy sex dreams will be like.
Hubby: Probably about vanilla sex.

btw... def not preggers. Thank goodness.  2 of these quotes began because of tv shows. No babies 2013!!!!!  But you know, just in case people ever wonder what I'm like to be around in person, I like to post occasional recent real conversations. People laugh at me a lot IRL so I assume I'm hilarious ;) lol

Anyway... UPDATE!!!!

Chapter 5 of Marriage Training was submitted yesterday so if we're lucky it will be out before the weekend.  I think I'm getting close to being halfway done with Venus Transcendent.  I'm working on Chapter 8 right now.  I currently have about 10 more chapters to go based on my projected outline... which we all know my characters don't always allow me to follow.  Jessica decided to jump Chris the other day even though I told them all there was going to be no sex in that chapter because I was trying to advance the plot farther.  Only Justin listened, so he gets a reward later. Which... will also be a time out from advancing the plot but whatcha gonna do? They're just so damn horny apparently.

Working on Dealing With Discipline too of course, although not as much as the other two.  I'm on chapter 4, which is more because of how quickly/easily I'm managing to write it than the amount of time I'm actually spending writing it.  Venus tends to be a little bit harder because I'm trying up loose ends all throughout the book to make sure that it comes to a satisfying conclusion, which means that it's not quite as easy to write as a book in which there's a lot of stuff going on that doesn't necessarily need to be tied up right away.  It's a lot of fun to write both although they're very different.  Discipline is interesting because I'm switching back and forth between two locale for the first time - Hugh and Irene out in the country while they're on their honeymoon, and Edwin & Eleanor back in London so that I can keep track on what's going on there with Wesley, Lord Brooke and Lady Grace.  Cuz all of it's gonna tie toooooooogeeeeeeeether! mwuahahahahaha.

anyway.  I also started another stand alone piece... kind of like Surprising the Sitter it's not going to be BDSMy although it does have an older alpha male. Starting to think I might have a thing for older men. Actually already kind of knew that.  Out of my Top 5 (you know the top 5 celebs you can have sex with if you ever run into them and have the chance regardless of whether or not you're in a relationship) I think 2 of them are at least fifteen years older than me. Probably more.

Oh... guess I should list my Top 5 now huh LOL

1. Chris Hemsworth
2. Robert Downey Jr.
3. Henry Cavill (actually he and RDJ tie for #2)
4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
5. Hugh Jackman


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