Sunday, April 14, 2013

Toy Review: Nipple Clamps

So, the very first time I ever tried nipple clamps was the tweezer kind:

I wasn't a fan.  Part of that is because I have nipples that don't stick out very far.  They're very plump and round, but at their hardest they barely stick out half a centimeter.  My friend likes to joke that I missed the Asian nipple gene (being half-Asian).  That being so, it was practically impossible to get the tweezers to clamp down without falling off.

For the second time around I chose to try out the alligator clamps which also happen to be cheaper (yay!):

Okay, so they have to be pretty tight in order to stay on...

But I kinda found that I like it that way ;)  I still haven't tried them on their tightest setting, but pretty close to.  YUM.  It's been a major help to me in describing exactly how it feels to have clamps pinching at my nipples.  There's a bit of a burning sting, and literally I can feel it all the way down to my pussy.  They become more sensitive, and when my husband licks them or brushes his fingers over them while they're clamped it makes them all tingly and hot. 

Now, when I write about clamps I exaggerate a little. I've noticed that other authors do the same thing. Because we all talk about people tugging on them, having wild sex while they're on, yeah... tried that.  Tugging sort of works as long as it's not too hard, but sometimes they pop off when you don't mean them to.  And sometimes they just come off if you start going at it too hard (at least on mine, I'm a DD so they're pretty bouncy but I assume it could happen with any boob size).  But that's kinda fun too cuz the hot, pinched sensation continues even after they've come off.

I've also found that they're great for solo time, because I like having my nipples pinched while I'm having sex, which is hard to do when you're masturbating, but all I have to do is put on the clamps and then I have two hands free for ah... whatever else I'd like to do ;)  So it's fun with a partner or by yourself. 

One of the reviews on the Literotica site also said that they can be used on your pussy lips, which I haven't tried yet, but if I do I'll let you know how it goes!

Ah - one note - tried them on the hubby just to see if they worked on man nipples and couldn't get them to. So can't personally recommend them for man nipples.


  1. Got any recommendations for a small glass buttplug which will stay in? Would like to try one but I'm allergic to latex & a larger one I bought a while ago is too big. Thanks.

    1. I've actually never tried glass but I've heard good things and I've been meaning to find out if they're true, so I'll have to get back to you on this one, but I definitely will write a review!