Friday, April 19, 2013

Marriage Training Ch. 5 & A Thank You

First things first... Chapter 5 of Marriage Training is now available on Literotica. YAY! That one came up fairly quickly now that the Earth Day contest is over and (I'm guessing) the submissions rate has slowed somewhat. Makes me happy.

Something else that makes me happy and that I need to say a major thank you for... all the people who reached out to me through email, twitter, on Amazon or as a comment on this blog after I got majorly upset about being accused of plagiarism.  I can't even describe how insulted/angry/unmotivated that one person made me feel, but I've definitely felt the support of many more people and it's helped me get my mind back on track. After all, I know I didn't plagiarize. I'm assuming Amazon knows because they haven't contacted me about it at all and the book is still up for sale despite the reviewer saying that they were reporting me blah blah blah.  And it seems that 99.9% of the people who have read the book know that too. I had to laugh when I checked on the reviews today and saw that 5 people had marked the review as unhelpful. So thank you to you guys too.

In happier news... I was not entirely unmotivated.  I'm super closer to being halfway done with Venus Transcendent. I have no idea if I'm going to be completely done with it by the end of this month but I'm definitely going to give it my best shot. The nice thing about the fact that I haven't had much time to write in the past few months is that it's all really just flowing out of me like mad now that I have more time whenever I do sit down to write.  And things are coming together pretty nicely as well, although of course there's still a lot of work to do on it.

Marriage Training is heating up and I'm rather excited about that, things are definitely starting to move a little faster and I'm having fun playing around with a completely different writing style and with the challenge of writing a story that has so little actual intercourse in it.  Especially since I've never actually trained anyone for anything like this. Oh... btw, should probably mention, this story is very heavily influenced by Alice Liddel's Childebride Island and Vienna Miller's Training His Bride: The Hunt (mostly the former but eventually the latter).  So you know, if you want to get those and compare to make sure I'm not copying other authors' works. *rolls eyes* Yeah. Still a little bitter. But seriously, getting into the psychology of how they're training her is surprising even me sometimes... like Mrs. Banks will do something and then I'll realize why she's doing it and how it effects Vivian's training and I'm like 'woah...'  Seriously, I sometimes wonder about the dark places in my head.

And Dealing With Discipline is moving along nicely. No scenes with similarities to other books so far. Although I did get to write my first even wooden spoon punishment scene! That was a lot of fun =)

So that's what's going on... I'll be trying to get a lot of writing done this weekend because I'm out of town next weekend. Especially on Venus.  At the moment I'm really happy with the way that book is shaping up and I'm getting really excited about transitioning into the Stronghold series even as I'm getting sad about leaving Venus behind. But at least I won't have to say goodbye to Jessica, Justin, Chris, Hilary and Liam permanently since I'll be writing about their friends next and they're going to be around quite a bit. Definitely a major bonus to writing series =) Although for the Stronghold series I'm not doing multiple books about any characters, each Dom gets his own book. Still... there's a lot of Doms to go through so... yay for me! (and hopefully you feel the same way =)

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