Friday, April 26, 2013

Help! Need Suggestions for Contest

Ok... so after winning one of the special Literotica contests (mine was for Halloween yay!) I had to wait 6 months before I could enter another one.  So the ones that are coming up are for National Nude Day or Summer Loving a few weeks after that.  Unfortunately the only idea that I've come up with for a good contest story has to do with the winter holidays...

I would love to try to submit something to the National Nude Day Contest (which has to do with public nudity, exhibitionism, etc.) or Summer Loving (warm weather, summer activities, etc.) but for some reason I'm drawing a blank on a good story line.  I think the categories are just a little too broad for me and I'm having trouble narrowing things down.

Looking through the list of suggestions/requests I've gotten from readers I can't find any that really have to do with either nudity or the summer... I suppose I could twist something around to fit those categories but I'd really love to have a more focused approach.

So... anyone have any suggestions for me? Ideas? Even just themes would be good... best thing I've come up with so far is maybe doing something at a summer camp.  Before I started trying to force anything I figured I'd ask you guys...

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  1. Hmm. During the summer, teachers and students are off from school. I can imagine a professor and a college student having an affair during the summer, rationalizing that they aren't teacher/student during the summer, so it isn't forbidden, the way it would be during the academic year. Their affair will be bittersweet, because all the while they'll know that they'll have to end it when school starts, and they resume their usual roles. Of course what they intend to be a lighthearted, just-for-fun affair becomes more serious as they spend more time together, and they become rather desperate as August draws to a close...

    1. Ooooo I didn't even think about the whole school being out for summer thing!!! IIIiiiiiinteresting. Thanks for the suggestion, I've got some new gears turning now to think over =)